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  1. Dear Kevin, Thank you for the answer. Kind regards, Nikolaos Varlagkas
  2. Dear Kevin and rjtiedeman, thanks you a lot for your answers. What I'm thinking of, is to create a workflow between Rhino (modelling) to Vectorworks (architecture planning). More specific, if I create a freeform surface in Rhino could I converted it at Vectorworks on a wall with specific characteristics and fit to it doors, windows, etc? Nikolas
  3. Dear Juan, I check this guide that you attached but don't answer to my question. Could you please advice me about my quaries. Kind regards, Nikolaos Varlagkas
  4. Hello everybody, I would like to ask if it is possible to import from rhino to vectorworks, surfaces or polysurfaces and convert them to walls, floors, roofs? thnx
  5. great thank you!! what about with non vertical walls, like diamond?
  6. Can someone explain me how can I design diagonal windows with sharp corners -like Libeskinds work- and prismatic walls?
  7. Hello I would like to create a wall with rabbet like that http://www.nemetschek.com/referenzen/buero-und-praesentationszentrum/ or a aluminum shell like that http://www.nemetschek.com/referenzen/monte-rosa-huette/ thank u
  8. I would someone to help me.. how I can to create a concrete beam inside to walls or if there is any other technique to create concrete beams in Vectorworks. Thank you
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