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  1. How 'bout 79.750? We machinists love decimals. Fractions......eww.
  2. This is how I do it.... If I want an elevation view of say the south wall (assuming north up orientation on the page) of a house, I merely select that wall in plan view switch my view to "front", then .../Tool/Convert Copy to lines- then "cut", and finally paste it on another layer. You'll have a 2d elevation. Works great. Matt
  3. mkin


    Gary, I may be the only one that needed this info, but I never knew how to "Set the ends" until someone pointed it out. (I guess I never was a very thorough reader) After using the "Create Roof from Poly" command select the roof by clicking it anywhere -Then put your mouse directly over the little black square that corresponds to the desired gable end of each roof plane and click it. You'll get a dialog box and all you need to do is check the "Gable End" check box. Matt
  4. Katie, I was wondering if you saw my last reply. Thanks
  5. Katie, Actually it is only one layer. The second floor walls. I was hoping I could set some parameters and have the studs framed with 2x4's and the headers (above the windows and doors) framed with 2x10's so it is reflected in not only the elevation drawings, but recorded in the takeoff's or material lists. It seems to me (although it is not quite clear) you can frame seperate "Classes" within a certain layer, but I am not able to choose the "Framer-Header" class to change the lumber size. Is there a vectorscript I can edit so the parts of the wall that become the headers (Framer-Header Class) are a different size than what it offers now? Thank you, Matt
  6. Hello all, Is there a way to "re-frame" walls on a certain layer (that has already been framed) and select the "Framer-Header" class in the options pallete so I can change the nominal lumber size to 2x10? Hence (in my dream world of solutions) update my framed wall and worksheets with 2x10 headers instead of 2x4. ......or do I need to just quit while I'm ahead and do it manually? Thanks for any help! Matt
  7. mkin

    more 3d poly's

    Shasta, THANK YOU! I look forward to reading the highlights! How refreshing! I can't tell you how many times I have been following along in a post only to get to the point when Katie or Robert or someone says "email me and I'll call you".....then nothing more on the post. Kinda like we got left out in the cold. Doesn't it kinda make sense that the ones that end in a "email/send it to me" should be (above all) the main support/forum topics the next day? Thanks again, Matt
  8. Sure. An ibook, G4 Tower, G4 Titanium and even a G3 266 desktop. How can I help?
  9. Man was that weird. I just looked at your post immediately after installing VW10 on my iBook. As I was navigating to the VW forums, I was thinking "boy that install went flawlwssly. I wonder if anyone else has experienced any difficulties with an iBook" I would be happy to help (if I can) with reporting my info/setup. Matt
  10. Riccardo, Have you isolated the problems you are having to VW application only? I noticed you said no other programs were running, and some of the issues you stated sounded like they might be a hardware issue (in conjunction with VW or some other conflicting software). You also stated the machines were just recently updated to OSX 10.2.2, I had crashes about every hour and slow screen redraws etc. prior to updating to X10.2.3 and VW 10.0.1. Also prior to updating the OS on those machines, were they checked for a firmware update (the dual probably doesn't need it, but the 400 might) as well as the superdrive update (if the dual is so equipped)? The 10.2.3 update can be accessed via System Preferences/software update. I saw an immediate difference in VW. I hope this may have helped some. I ran accross my old drafting machine in my attic this weekend, and after thinking long and hard about the way I used to do it........Crash? What Crash? Those are my automatic "Please check your email a couple of websites and maybe get a soda" notifications built in to my computer! "Dont' hate the player, just hate the game" - Will Smith Matt
  11. It will select polylines based on the order you created them. It may seem random but the processor is just getting a sampling of what you have drawn so it can make assumptions on all the other lines. Make sure you can still see your drawing and run the script again. Make sure you assign the correct elevation to each line it is highlighting (if it "guesses" wrong on the elevation, use the up or down buttons to correct the elevation for the given highlighted line.) Good luck!
  12. How big do you need to print? If tabloid or SuperB is big enough, I would suggest packing a printer in your luggage. I got tired of fixing/optimizing local networks at varios Kinkos. (It would sometimes amuse me to discover the "lack" of knowledge the "computer guy" actually had at said Kinkos.) As far as optimizing your file, I don't know what detail (colors, placed images, etc.) you need. I found packing an HP1220C in my luggage that can print 13x19 was the best solution for my needs. If you have to print larger, maybe take a perfect 8.5 x 11 off your/local printer and have Kinkos, or better, a camera/film service enlarge it. Hope my rambling helped.
  13. Kevin, I recently purchased Sketchup to use with VW. I can't say enough good things about well, both! I use SU for quick 3D studies and presentations but I also use it to help my clients understand the drawings I do in VA. I export the 3D model of a new home I've designed, and SU gives me unlimited (and super fast) freedom to explore in 3D! The transperancy feature in SU is amazing! Once you download the demo and start playing with the "push/pull" tool, you'll immediately realize the benefits of this software. SU isn't nearly the architectural and design software VA is but I feel they compliment each other quite well! Matt
  14. Might I suggest importing a DWG file from your AutoCad friend, then closley matching your vectorworks file to the structure of the imported dxf/dwg file (eg. classes, layers, line weights, etc.) It may get you a bit closer to a solution. Also - I have read that DXF files are 3D in nature, maybe not converting to 2D might help.
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