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  1. It appears to be ocurring when I create a new plant symbol (via taskbar > landmark > create new plant). After I create the plant, the symbol is not editable - I have to 'undo' several times to erase it.
  2. Force select doesn't seem to budge it a bit. When I double-click the object, a red message appears in the bottom right hand corner: "The selected object has no edit behavior."
  3. By the way, the symbols are 'snappable' when "Show/Snap/Modify Others" is active; but they cannot be selected or modified.
  4. There are plants on my landscape design that are not editable in any layer. I can't select them at all to move, delete, etc. They are symbols that I created.
  5. [font:Arial]Excellent. Thank you![/font]
  6. [font:Arial]I'm having trouble with line markers. When I draw a landscape area, a hardscape area, etc., the line shows up with an arrow as a part of the object. If I go to the attributes palette, the 'line end marker toggle' doesn't change anything.[/font]


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