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  1. yes, I WAS Talking about 13. thank you for taking time to respond. I understand now.
  2. barkeatr


    WHY would they take the linetype options off the object info pallette? Does anyone know where i can find a way to change a linetype now?
  3. i FEEL your pain. Im and old time VW user that used Chief architect for awhile. Everything is so automated in chief its wonderfull...when you put a window in it automatically goes to a schedule. you never have to deal much with visiblities of layers and so forth. But with that said, VW is still a lot better. There is more control with VW and the graphic output is outstanding. I just wish some things would be come more automated such as the floor thing you talk about. In chief architect you dont have to ever build a floor, you just hit a button and its built for you.
  4. tHANKS for the screenshot...Christian, and Chris D well said. Im returning to vectorworks from other softwares, one was chief architect. I wish VW could become just a bit more automated as im always getting all messed up with classes and what is showing on the sheet. on teh other side of the coin, chief architect it always seems like you are fighting the automation and the model. there is a big price to pay graphically to have that much automation. The thing that brought me back is that even with the automation, you end up doing a lot of workarounds to get what you want. With VWA you do the "work arounds" in the beginning with all the non-automated and non intuitive struggles but in the end you have a much better graphic and constructed project. Of course, one big part of this is that I could not afford two seats of Revit. hahaha. but one feature with chief architect is this arrow button that you push and you go up and down as far as floor level. overall im glad to be back with VW, some of the images we produce with VW (bitmaps with sketch overlaid over the top) are really nice.
  5. we have tried to limit criteria but Im afraid i dont know how to access this setting. I will keep trying though. thanks
  6. i have returned to VW after several years with revit and autocad. we have been making window schedules but the schedule keeps showing like five instances of a single window, any ideas? barkeater
  7. OK I think i answered it, if you set the window hieght according to the sill the corner post goes where its supposed to. another thing to keep track of! Tim
  8. im using marvin integrity windows and want to use corner window option with a post. the thing is the post shows up in the wall above the window. its like its set to the clg. hieght..but the window is lower. regarless post does not show up in renderings. I searched this site and dont see this problem show up.
  9. yes...Im using v2012...
  10. im returning to vectorworks after a brief stint with chief architect..i recall a wizard that helped you establish sheets and floor levels and now i cant find that in VW tools. Did it go away? glad to be back..
  11. I JUST paid $700 and some for a upgrade from 2011 but then i see some talk about a free 2012 upgrade. anyone have experience with this? barkeatr
  12. truthfull answer. I know of no features that were pulled from vw to go into VA. Matter of fact it looks like the opposite has happend with VA and VA9. It seems that VA 1.00 features have shown up in VW9? VA is great.
  13. I would like to put a quicktime movie of a building Im working on a CD and have it automatically start up on my clients computer and show the movie. Has anyone done this out there and if so could you steer me in the righ direction. Thanks TIm McCarthy, architect
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