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  1. Following. Same issue. DMX source is also Surface Book 2.


    I've tried rendering on a couple of different machines (Razr then Alienware) and am getting the same time dilation issue when rendering. I have to use Premiere to adjust the video clip speed.


    This is only speaking for the video clips that Vision will render. I drew (32) X4 Bar 20's, and neither a Razr nor Alienware will render a movie with those fixtures on in medium-medium-medium quality at 800x600 at 30FPS.

  2. @Carl Burnett 


    It kind of worked for me in files you can find HERE. Try checking a few things...



    -In the Object Info Palette, make sure your Lighting Devices have "James Thomas 4-Light Molefay" in the fixture mode field.

    -Check that the "Universe" and "U Address" fields have the correct values.



    -Check the DMX Viewer to see that you're outputting the DMX values where you need them. DMX > DMX Viewer

    -Change the DMX Provider to something else and then back to whichever protocol you need. Sometimes toggling this works for me. DMX > Change DMX Provider.

    -Question.... Does changing the ColorTemperature of the fixture crash your Vision too? Maybe save your file before you test this.




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  3. @bbudzon... I figured it out. I think I was just expecting Ctrl-Z to work right off the bat. HERE are some test files.


    Selecting the ColorForce72's, let's say I want to move all SR a few clicks.

    -I grab them all

    -Position > click into the Position X field

    -mouse wheel up

    -All the fixtures are now the same XYZ position

    -I freak out

    -Ctrl Z... Nothing happens

    -I freak out more wish I had saved my file

    -Edit > Undo a few times, and everything is fine


    I realized today after playing around that Ctrl Z does nothing while I'm in a text field (such as Position X).


  4. @jcogdell  Thanks for the reminder on those features.


    I guess I was just spoiled by the lighting Instrument Summary Tool that allows for easy formatting and addition/subtraction of displayed attributes.


    Spotlight > Rigging > Create Hoist Symbol Key is close but does not include counts. Spotlight > Rigging > Create Hoist Worksheet isn't as pretty nor as easy to fit inside of a Title Block Border.


    I've started looking into the worksheets on your recommendation and that of other users in the forum. They're very exciting, and a great workaround.


    I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for a plugin that can provide consistent formatting between Lighting Instruments, Hoists, and Truss.

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  5. If your "Address" field in VWX is mapped to the "Address" field in LW6... and if your Setup > Address Format is "Universe i.e.- 2/130]" ... then the "Address" column in LW6 should come across in LW6 as "U/DMX" format.


    If your LW6 "Address" column is in "U/DMX" format, LW6 should also populate the LW6 "Universe" and "DMX#" columns. This will enable you to...


    -Copy the LW6 "Universe" column and paste the info into the LW6 "User 1" column.

    -Copy the LW6 "DMX#" column and paste the info into the LW6 "User 2" column.

    -Pop back into VWX.

    -Using the "Find And Modify" tool, copy the info from the "User 1" fields to the "Universe" fields.

    -Using the "Find And Modify" tool, copy the info from the "User 2" fields to the "U Address" fields.

    -Export to Vision. 



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