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  1. Great session. I think my team is going to adopt the numerical format that Andrew Dunning showed. What would be very helpful is a tool to allow easy renaming of parent/child class names. For example, I've been playing with Braceworks and it has created several new classes. I'd like to rename/move them all under a master class of "rigging-". (Yes, I know I can change class setting at the start, but I'm think more about receiving files from others after the classes have already been created by others. Thanks, Scott
  2. If I move a hoist away from it's original insertion point, it lets go of the truss. Is there a way of reattaching it? Rather than deleting and using the hoist tool to insert a new one? THanks, Scott
  3. I want to have my hanging position hang just under the truss. However, Braceworks gives me the error shown below. Is the only solution to move the hanging away from under the truss? That would be sad. I've briefly toyed with making the truss a hanging position, but then I lose some of the truss/braceworks tools in the OIP. Does anyone have a good workflow to hang lights on a truss along with using braceworks? Thanks, Scott
  4. When I right click a hanging position, I get the option to "Attach Loads." But when I right click on a braceworks truss, I do not. Since I need to attach items to the truss, I'd think it would let me have the option to attach. I've searched the workspace editor and I can't find the Attach Loads command to allow me to add it anywhere else. Thoughts? Additionally, I'd like to at a keyboard shortcut to the Attach Loads command.
  5. Greetings, I have dozens of lights that I've placed using various methods including Mirror, Duplicate, etc. These have duplicate Load ID numbers. Short of having to re-insert all these units, how do I renumber this field? Thanks, Scott
  6. Does anyone have a copy of the demo file you could share? I can't find it. Thanks, Scott
  7. Thanks Edward. I was afraid of that.
  8. I have a unit (lots actually) that I want to always use in mode 1. How do I get the mode to stick to the symbol in the resource manager? Thus, having the mode already set each time I insert the symbol...
  9. Rob, I re-imported the stock symbol from the VW library and it's fine. I tend to edit the symbols a bit and I likely did something strange to the record. Now that I've fixed the record issue, I'm re-editing the symbol imagery to match my liking. Thanks for checking in. Scott
  10. Found it. Inconsistent parts records. Though most of the units are in the same family of brand, the parts records had different mixes of settings.
  11. Has anyone seen this? If so, did you find a solution? I'm sure it's something I've done to muck something up. I have a set of four focus points above my lights. In wireframe, with beams turned on, the beams draw towards the focus point. But, when rendering, some point in the opposite direction.
  12. Nicely done Dom. Thanks for putting this together. Scott
  13. Check out "sketch" styles in the help file. Makes lines seem like they were sketched using an ink pen. You can also make changes to transparency to change the lines to seem like pencil. You have a bunch of settings to make the lines more or less rough/sketchy, etc. Hth, Scott
  14. When drafting light plots I use viewports and design layers thusly: A viewport can reference external drawings. I reference my set designer's drawing via a viewport on a layer specifically named “REF-version 1“or 2, or 3, etc. this is particularly valuable when working in repertory as you can simply turn on and off the different drawings the set designer has created and have each one appear underneath your lighting equipment when needed. I have more than one layer for my light plots. One for overhead stuff, another for items that sit on the deck, etc. when I place my dimmer racks on the floor backstage, I place them on the "deck" layer. I need to know where the dimmers are in relation to the overhead stuff so I create a viewport cropped to just the layer area where the dimmer packs are. before doing it this way, I would simply have a duplicate of the dimmer pack on each layer. Since I've started using reports extensively, this gave me multiple counts of the same dimmer pack. Using the viewport method, my reports now show me accurate counts. As you know, layers and classes give us two methods of visibility control. Using an embedded viewport increases this to four methods. The layer and class of the of your current design layer plus all the layers and classes controlled by the viewport itself. It's a terrific rabbit hole to explore. Best, Scott
  15. Do you do any work on just the laptop without the 2nd screen? I have the same thing happen when I've done work on a single screen and then open with the external screen attached. VW remembers the last screen used (most of the time) so using one screen resets the palette locations. Also, do you have your second screen set as primary, when connected, in your mac settings?
  16. Saved views are also particularly fantastic when working with others over the phone. Trying to get both people to have the same view is a challenge. Simply choosing "save view #7" and we both see the same thing.
  17. I use the cable tools to figure voltage drops. I use Lightwright for power/phase info.
  18. Thanks Rob. Hmmm. I had all classes on, etc. I had to turn off and on the Simplified class to get it to show. It's working now. Go figure. Thanks, Scott
  19. Greetings, I'm creating a few versions of the Tomcat TC1212-AHB symbol at different angles. I duplicated the symbol and edited to make a 45° version. There is a simplified shape that I cannot seem to select. In Edit 3D mode, the outline of the box is in blue. The second screen shot is what I have at the moment. How do I select the blue line shape to edit? Thanks, Scott
  20. Not yet. It's in Sam's (the developer) wish list bin. He and I, among others, have chatted about it. I'm hoping he and John, from Lightwright, can figure out a way to link cable info, etc.
  21. Updated link location: http://www.vectorworks.net/training/2015/getting-started-guides/spotlight/Gsg-2015-s09-custom-lighting-instrument
  22. Thanks Edward. This is very helpful as I'm writing an article about theater dimming and how sinewaves are involved. Scott
  23. Pat, This is a great help. One of the hard parts of the power of classes is remembering what we have. I don't know how many times I've created a new class for an object just to find later that I should have placed it in an existing class. Thanks, Scott
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