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  1. I create a worksheet, export into csv file. then I use the avery.com website to import the csv and match an avery label. Not automated, but I get to fidget with the outcome along the way.
  2. Are we talking about doing this? I had to add the tool into my workspace for the beam.
  3. Other than custom building these stairs, is there a way to have the stair tool build this? I've got the multiple landings etc. It's the angle of the steps that I've not figured out. I'm tracing an Acad 2D drawing and making a 3D version. Bonus Question, These...
  4. I run into these issues often for various reasons. I find it easiest to add a simple point load at the same location and ignore the weights in the array tool. Handy also when the audio dept. changes gear and doesn't update the array tool with accurate weights.
  5. For #1, use the "Reset Braceworks IDs" under the Braceworks pulldown menu. I've not opened your file yet as I'm in the middle of other things. I'll take a look and post if someone else doesn't beat me to it.
  6. @Tom Pearce Speaking of great things, Tom's VW Keyboard Layout tool is also fantastic. I've just sent Tom an email asking to see if he can update as it's crashing on my current Mac OS.
  7. As Brandon mentioned, this is a bug, now reported. As for sling height, sometimes I have rigs without slings. As mentioned, I want the "load trim" to actually match the number in the "load trim" field so that fly schedules reflect desired heights, etc. I've figured out other workarounds in the mean time. Thanks, Scott
  8. I hope so as well. I'm working on a drawing right now that has over 270 10' sticks of truss. I have quotes for rentals and the vendor who carries another brand has a wicked price, but I'd have to change everything. Not that a direct replace function would work, they have 8' sticks for me.
  9. Though true, the cloud service doesn't keep the files locked. The files get locked while the file it syncing with any/all local hard drive folders. So, if I have three computers with locally synced folders, anytime any of them are doing an active sync with said file, that file gets locked. Then unlocked when done. The chances of the xml, Lightwright, VW to done an active update of any of these files at the same time, across several computers is fairly high. If anyone of them gets an error, it may turn off the connection, etc. Best, Scott
  10. I can do this and just have one speaker. But prefer to use the actual boxes the Audio guy wants. Good workaround though. Thanks, Scott
  11. There's also a Braceworks forum thread here on the forums.
  12. Greetings all, As hanging positions are getting more advanced, with the addition of Braceworks, etc. how are folk attaching speakers to hanging positions and having a record of it? The OIP for speakers do not have a hanging position field, etc. Are folk adding a record to the speakers? Should we have a hanging position added to the OIP of speakers? Thoughts? Best, Scott
  13. The truss has to be EXACTLY in line with each other. AND, there needs to be enough vertical distance to allow a hoist to fit between them. To align the truss, I copied the X or Y position from one to the other. When I first drew the truss, I think I had one just slight off so I could still see in in plan view. I've not played with it, but what bothers me about the exact centerline alignment is; what if I want to hang one truss from the front or rear cord of the top truss? More playing is needed when I'm not under my current deadlines. Best, Scott
  14. Hi Rob, Understood. If you have the info for truss, is there a way to obtain the update without having to wait for the next service pack?
  15. Hey Rob, Is there any way for Braceworks subscribers to obtain the needed info without having to wait for service pack releases? Wouldn't it be possible to either open a file that contained updated truss objects? Or, simply enter the numbers into the cross section info box? Thanks, Scott
  16. Greetings all, Is there a setting I've missed? I have truss at 19'-6", but my hoists are saying trim is at 20'. Reports say the same and, therefore, can't be trusted on site during load in. How do I get the "Load Trim" in the hoist to carry into the truss? Thanks, Scott
  17. Well, I’ve made duplicates on different layers. That should do the same as different classes.
  18. Same here. I meant to comment that the link bars missing that info didn't really matter since they're all set to rigid.
  19. If I'm using truss that is set to "Rigid", I shouldn't be getting flexible calculations, no? Picture a 60' truss, shouldn't matter the brand if it's set to Rigid (I'd think). Placing a hoist at either end gives green. Placing a second hoist at one end, about 6' in from the end, results in the outer hoist chain being compresses and failing. Yes, in the real world the middle span of the truss deflects down and the inner hoist acts as a fulcrum. But, if all is rigid, in theory, the end hoist shouldn't know about deflection. What am I not understanding? Thanks, Scott
  20. Enoch, I discovered that changing the drawing units to Microns was very helpful. Change back after you've built the L corner.
  21. I have a show with three scenic options in three different layers. I start by laying in a basic layout that will almost work for all three. I Duplicate the system of truss and move the duplicated items to layer #2. I work in layer 1 for a while. I then adjust the heights of my layer 1 system. Go to layer 2 and those heights have changed as well. They're linked somehow. Anyone know how to work in one layer and not have the system peek into hidden layers? Thanks, Scott @Moritz Staffel
  22. Just have to share. I just spent an hour trying to figure out why my symbols were grey when copying from one file to another. First file, all was fine with nice black lines. Pasted into second file, several symbols were grey. Not all. An hour I tell ya'! I had forgotten that earlier in the day, I had changed the class options to "grey/snap others". Oy. Just had to laugh out loud at myself. Time for bed.
  23. Never-mind. Got it to work. Talk about finicky!
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