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  1. I've been converting my truss into lighting positions and it's been working.
  2. ooohhh ooohhh, pick me Mr. Kotter. Peter's image reminds me of a question. Why is it that the Hoist Colors are removed from the rest of the hoist classes? And, how do I get the colors to come in under "Rigging-Hoist-Color-Unspecified"? Drives me nuts to have to scroll past everything between H & R to travel between Hoist Color and the stuff listed under Rigging.
  3. After placing a bunch o truss and then converting them into a hanging position, how may I then "select system objects" of all the truss, motors, and stuff hanging from the truss? If I do not convert to a hanging position, I have the "select system objects" button in the OIP. I want to be able to select to confirm that all the gear that is needed to be part of the system is actually part of the system. The only way I can do this seems to be to double click the hanging position and then click on a truss section, then exit the hanging position and see that the system has remained selected. Seems dodgy to me. Thanks, Scott
  4. Peter, Is the Edit Class Names Utility an add on? I wonder how we can get this in the US.
  5. Greetings, Anyone know of the (22' Extra) can be removed while keep the 50'? See image. @Sam Jones? Thanks, Scott
  6. I find this new method more time consuming as the mini resource manager opens each time and I have to find the unit I'm wanting. Btw, you didn't have to deselect the insertion tool. Just click on the replace button. Speaking for myself, my workflow involved having the resource manager/browser open right next to my drawing window and in the symbol folder I wanted to use most. Double click on the unit to make it active and replace as needed. Let's say I place a focus point and then place 8 lights (all 50°) around it at various different locations. Turn on the beams and replace as needed with the appropriate barrelled unit. Another peeve is the lack of folder organization past a parent level. I have a folder for Moving lights. In that folder I have all the movers we own, let's say 8 versions. I also have two more folders which contain the stock from two local rental houses and their respective dozens of units. When I open the replace unit mini browser, when I go to my Mover folder, I can't not see all the rental house fixtures when I'm in my mover folder. I'd prefer to have those stay hidden until I click on those folders. Sorry for this small rant. Happy drafting. Scott
  7. Agreed. Since you mentioned the cable class, I've had to add Cable-Data-Cable since data cable can't live simply in Cable-Data.
  8. Hmm. When I select a truss and then select "select system objects" in the OIP, the hoist gets selected/highlighted along with the truss. After I move the hoist, even though I snap to the red centerline, choosing "select system objects" in the OIP leaves the moved hoist out of the selection.
  9. Interesting. Falls short just slightly in that I'd want to select several classes and the parent in front of all selected. I just tested by selecting all the Braceworks classes and hitting "rename." I typed in my "rigging-" and it only changed the first of my list of chosen classes.
  10. Does anyone know how to keep Braceworks from calculating lights on hidden layers? I'm working in just two layers; Overhead Light Plot and Rigging. when I run the calculation, it's telling me that "the load is not connected" for all my units that are in my layer; Light Plot Deck. The layer is turned off. Not to mention that all these lights are sitting on the floor. Thanks, Scott
  11. Great session. I think my team is going to adopt the numerical format that Andrew Dunning showed. What would be very helpful is a tool to allow easy renaming of parent/child class names. For example, I've been playing with Braceworks and it has created several new classes. I'd like to rename/move them all under a master class of "rigging-". (Yes, I know I can change class setting at the start, but I'm think more about receiving files from others after the classes have already been created by others. Thanks, Scott
  12. If I move a hoist away from it's original insertion point, it lets go of the truss. Is there a way of reattaching it? Rather than deleting and using the hoist tool to insert a new one? THanks, Scott
  13. I want to have my hanging position hang just under the truss. However, Braceworks gives me the error shown below. Is the only solution to move the hanging away from under the truss? That would be sad. I've briefly toyed with making the truss a hanging position, but then I lose some of the truss/braceworks tools in the OIP. Does anyone have a good workflow to hang lights on a truss along with using braceworks? Thanks, Scott
  14. Thanks Brandon, I'll look at this.