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  1. @bbudzon Thank you for your detailed post. I will dig into this. I understand there are technical limitations to what Vision is capable of at this moment, and then textures behave differently between the two software platforms. Totally understandable. The big HOWEVER though is this is honestly too much data and rules and if/thens for the lay person to remember. Both software platforms extol the virtues of being able to go between VWX and Vision to be relatively seamless, which I would mostly agree with. But textures are a major and important part of both pieces of software, and to have such a discrepancy between the two is a big PITA, which you know, and are working on. Now, what I think would "work" is when you bring in something during a MVR, there's a pop up that says "Hey dude, this sweet texture you made in VWX, I can't render this the way you want to. So for every instance of this texture you have in your file, do you want me to replace it with something else that I can render? Okay sweet, here's the name of the new texture and here's how you edit its properties globally for every instance of it inside Vision, just like you do with a Renderworks texture. It's now just called a Vision texture and there is a browser to edit your textures just like in VWX. Copy? Thanks! Sorry about this." Editing textures on a per object instance is a PITA, as you already know. Transparency is kind of an app killer until its working. I'd say 50% of the shows we do are using video walls with lights behind that need to be able to blow through...
  2. As I've mentioned to several folks at Vision/VWX, we need a better workflow for bringing and visualizing video within Vision for this product to be a serious competitor. Even the smallest shows these days have video content on them which needs to be able to visualized within the pre-viz software. We need a dialogue or wizard of some sort that we can open, choose incoming video stream (file, CITP, NDI, Capture Card, etc) and then be able to cut up that incoming video source and apply pixel accurate sections of it to different faces of geometry inside Vision. The current workflow of attaching a texture to is and then assigning a video source to it is not specific enough or editable enough.
  3. I have many extrudes in VWX which I have applied a Renderworks Texture with Mirror Reflectivity to them. That texture is not showing up in Vision, and instead I just see grey. Whats going wrong here? This would also have implications to things like high gloss marley or water or other textures...
  4. For some inexplicable reason, after altering the layout of a given label legend, it would appear that regenerating the label for each fixtures takes about 15 minutes now a days. This used to be a much faster process. Any thoughts? I've got about 200 instances of this legend in use on fixtures in my plot.
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