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  1. I have not had a single success when using the stair tool with 2015! It is a horrible experience to have to continually force quit the program. If I create a stair and then go to the geometry window, I can not close out of the stair tool (I can't save nor cancel to get out of the stair tool). My only way getting out of the stair tool is to force quite the program. I'm on a iMac 11,3 - 2.8 GHz with quad core i5 processor - ATI Radeon HD 5750 1024 MB running OS 10.9.5 I only have 8GB RAM - would that have an effect? I would think it might not be as fast, but should still work! Oh, and I can't get the stair tool to work on my Macbook Pro either, which runs Yosemiti. Same issues.
  2. I'm with you Patrick! It worked fine in previous versions. I hate updating to a new version and tools I depend on go out of whack. Jim, any progress getting this fixed, or should I just go back to a previous version?
  3. How does one bring in xFrog plant symbols into VW2008? And what is their pricing for their symbols?
  4. Ray - Thanks - that did the trick! There was an obscure symbol I had used and didn't realize that it carried the same name as VW's plant objects. Now back to work!
  5. I'm trying to bring in a plant object/symbol and when selecting the symbol and bringing it into my drawing a warning comes up stating: "The format for Plug-in Objects named "Plant" cannot be imported because a Symbol Definition with that name already exists in the current document. The entire operation is canceled." Can anyone tell me what to do so that I can bring in the symbol/object? Thank you.
  6. Perhaps someone can help me.... I would like to use the Room Finish Schedule in VW 2008, but it appears that it has been radically changed since VW 11.5 and it seems that the Room Name is no longer the object that one uses to allow a Room Schedule to be executed. From what I can tell, one now has to use the Space Tool in the Space Planning tool set. If this is the case, it appears to be counter intuitive and a lot more time consuming to generate a simple production Room Finish Schedule. I called tech support, but the fellow I spoke to didn't know much about this. Does anyone have information? Thank you. Interestingly, the Room Name object still has a box one can click in to "Include in Schedule". But when doing this, the room schedule doesn't contain anything.
  7. The program crashes when doing a batch pdf export - typically a file will work once or twice, and then might crash the program when batch exporting. Although it can happen also when exporting a single file too. Obviously, I can print to a PDF file (using a Mac), but this is a pain when there are multiple pages to print - so I would like to get the full benefit of batch PDF exporting. Anyone have any ideas? BYW - I do have the latest service pack installed. I'm using Mac OS 10.4.11 on a Dual 2 Ghz Power PC G5 running w/3 GB SDRAM. Also using VectorWorks 2008 Designer Series with Architect as the primary Workspace.
  8. To everyone responding to my initial inquiry regarding the compatibility of "Tiger" with VW. It is great to have this ongoing dialog/posting of the little "nuances" which haunt all of us when upgrading to the "new-and-improved" versions of software where we spend the first few weeks (months) consuming any time we thought we might have saved in upgrading to a new version in the first place. I've already determined that for our office, we are better off waiting to upgrade after Tiger has gotten the kinks out of it. However, I also feel I should buy one license and install the new OS on a spare machine and run some tests so I too can add to this ongoing effort of discovery and identification. You folks are contributing much, and I certainly would not enjoy standing back and "freeload" off everyone's diligent efforts. Thanks to all!
  9. Thanks Ion - a speed increase would be terrific and Nemetschek seems to have done a lot of testing. Now I just have to get the folks from the other software companies of products I depend on to get their software up-to date!
  10. Yes, thank you - I found the press release on the Nemetschek website.
  11. Anyone know if there are any issues using VectorWorks with the new Mac OS, Tiger (just released today, 4/29/05).
  12. These are new files - not very large. Initially, I had Virtual memory off, and then I turned it on. Doesn't seem to make a difference. Caleb, how much memory do you have allocated to your VA9 application? Maybe I set it too high (or maybe not high enough?). Overall, overthing seems sluggish in VA9. I'm using OS 9.0.4 - is that what you are using too? Any other suggestions?
  13. quote: Originally posted by Caleb Strockbine: I've got the same machine with about half the memory, and I'm not seeing those delays when switching views. Does it happen with all files, or only with certain files, or with all sufficiently large files? QuickDraw 3D rendering, which was part of Quicktime, is officially no longer supported by Apple. It has been replaced by OpenGL, which is probably a very good thing in the long run. OpenGL really is a standard in the world of 3D graphics, used for everything from scientific simulations to feature films. Caleb Strockbine caleb@nemetschek.net
  14. Is anyone else experiencing a major slow down with VA9? I'm on a G4 dual 450 w/640M of RAM and everything has slowed down. Going from different views can take up to 5 or 8 seconds; the new rendering tool is buggy (keep getting an error that I don't have enough K allocated to application - no matter how much I have allocated). What happened to Quicktime rendering? Has anyone found any work arounds. I like many of the new features in VA/RW 9 but don't like these slow downs and awkward rendering changes.
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