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  1. steffen aarfing


  2. steffen aarfing

    Projecting onto a curve with no image correction

    Agree, tying projections to a single, flat screen is not sufficient . We need a dedicated projector tool.
  3. steffen aarfing

    RW options disappear

    Hi Eb, Thanks a lot! All RW functions are restored. Thanks for taking the time to write. Steffen
  4. steffen aarfing

    RW options disappear

    Sorry Eb, no breakthrough yet. I have notified tech support, but no news.
  5. steffen aarfing

    RW options disappear

    I can add that reinstalling (without migration) did not solve the problem.
  6. steffen aarfing

    RW options disappear

    Thanks Jim, I'm working from the train just now, so a reinstall is not an option for the next couple of hours. I will get in touch with tech support.
  7. steffen aarfing

    RW options disappear

    No, I cannot create a texture. When I open the file everything looks good, the moment I change i.e. from top/plan to an openGL view, the RW options all gray out. No CineRender in the activity monitor. Can it have any connection to having updated Cinema4d to R19? I noticed that VW creates a MAXON file in in prefs evrytime it opens.
  8. steffen aarfing

    RW options disappear

    working on a specific file in VW2018 sp1, when I go to render a viewport, all RW options disappears. The Render option in the viewport menu changes to wireframe and all RW options in the main view menu goes grey. The problem persists, when quitting and opening a new file afterwards. Seems that after some reboots of VW I get a new start w. all RW options, then, opening my current job , the problem immediately reoccurs. Workaround, anyone? st
  9. When linking a camera to a viewport, it would be great if camera name and viewing angles could be visible in other viewports, the same way section line instances show up in selected viewports.
  10. steffen aarfing

    Deriving solid from two polygons

    Zoomer, it will not work on this problem, but I can't wait to try it out.From my days with FormZ, I soo miss to be able to grab any point on any model, and move it in any direction. Bw Steffen
  11. steffen aarfing

    Deriving solid from two polygons

    Thanks Kevin It worked fine for a presentation, and once i get the number of points right, it might even look symmetrical :-) The "Create Solid" box was also very helpful. Remind me to show you the result one day... Steffen
  12. steffen aarfing

    Deriving solid from two polygons

    This is a recurring problem to me, sometimes working with objects in forced perspective: I need to generate a solid object from two polygons, like extruding one shape to meet the other. It's not enough to do a tapered extrude. Is there any feature I have missed? alternatively, can I somehow stitch the missing surfaces to the objects, point by point? I enclose a screenshot, the object that I used as a template is shown below. The two wireframe objects need to be top and bottom in the new object. Steffen
  13. I would like to see the 3d power pack offering an unfold of objects that curves in 2 dimensions. That would make a lot of sense for breaking down complex models for i.e. laser cutting.
  14. Renderings, interiors in particular would benefit a lot from having an ambient occlusion option.
  15. I would like to see camera view instances in the same way as section line instances. When linking a camera to a viewport, it would be great if camera view angles could be made visible in otherviewports, like section line instances do.


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