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  1. OK thanks for that - I understand now why it's been so hard to select things. This means then that I can't have a Lighting class when doing my lighting plans. Or a Truss class or a Stage class or a Venue class because everything comes in automatically on the None class and can't be edited. I kind of fail to see why there are classes at all if everything defaults to the None class. Why can't you insert a lighting instrument on the class you want and it stays on that class - surely that would make sense and is sort of why you have classes in the first place. In fact shouldn't everything no matter what type of symbol automatically update to the class it is being inserted on. Then everything works properly when you use Show/Snap.
  2. I'm a bit lost here - when I insert a lighting symbol - say a Source4 19deg - if the Navigation is set to Show/Snap I can't select it without drawing a box over the whole symbol. When I'm in Show/Snap/ Modify Others then it's easy, you just click on any part of the symbol. Why is this? I have created a class called Lights and when I use this as the active class and insert the symbol I'm just unable to select it. If I ungroup the symbol and go into 2D edit I can then change the symbols class from None to Lights but then the symbol needs to be converted again into a lighting instrument which means I can't select it. This is maddening - and it never used to do this in 2010 or 2011. Has something odd gone on with 2013 or am I just supposed to use the None class for everything I do? Surely not...
  3. Hi, thanks for your help on this. It is of course a truly very complicated way to achieve what is an extremely straightforward and commonly used thing when designing lighting. It seems that Vectorworks has not really addressed some of the most basic functions of our industry. What really bugs me is the fact that when you draw lights on a truss they do not automatically attach themselves to it. To continue this thread for example I have a 6m circular truss with 12 moving lights rigged evenly around it. Very simple, very effective, looks great in real life - think Pink Floyd. Ok so in Top/Plan view it's all fine but try and tilt the truss to 90deg and you're stuck. Why oh why don't the lights stay with the truss? In the real world they would. What on earth made the designers of VW ever think that there would be a time when you would rig lights on a truss which when you moved the truss the lights stayed where they were. It's lunacy. When is a truss ever not a lighting position? It should default to that every time surely. The whole point of Vectorworks is that it's meant to be intuitive, easy to use. When you put a light on a truss it should stay there by default. If there are any lighting designers out there on planet earth who would ever want their lights to stay still when their trusses moved I'd like to meet them. When will Vectorworks start listening to lighting designers who just want to produce good, clear easy to create drawings?
  4. OK, So how about this - I can rotate a truss but if it has lights on it they don't rotate with it - how do you get the lights to stick to the truss and why is all this so difficult to do? It's the most common thing to do in pop lighting.....
  5. Why oh why are there no symbols for gutters and down pipes? Do the people at Nemetschek all live in the desert...? Or just have open top houses. Come on guys, I've just paid a lot of money for VW 2012 and there's still some really basic things still missing.
  6. So how come there are no gutters or down pipes? Will VW actually give us an answer?
  7. Ah, that's what I thought. Thanks anyway - if anyone is listening out there who makes symbols for VW please can you add round windows to the library. Thanks again Farookey.
  8. Hi, just to add to this - if I need to create a completely round window, how's that done? There seems to be no library at all for circular windows. I tried creating a half round and then using the mirror tool but it's no good. Then I tried to copy the half round and rotate it but still with no success. So, any ideas anyone??
  9. Hi Shelly, yes found that one, thanks. I'm trying very hard to draw truss towers now - it's infuriating in Vectorworks as none of it makes sense. Does Field Template do self climbing truss towers?
  10. Oh, one other thing - wouldn't it be a good idea if Vectorworks actually came up with some 4 and 6 lamp bars given that they are still widely used?
  11. Perfect - now I can draw gauzes. Thanks for your help again. Lec
  12. Anyone know where I can find a symbol for a 6 lamp bar. Also how do you draw a gauze or scrim? There's nothing in the libraries for these.
  13. Has anyone else noticed that the Thomas Pixeline LED batten is huge - about ten times the size it should be. What's that all about then?
  14. Why is it impossible to rotate a circular truss? I have a video screen attached to a circular truss and after inserting it in Top/Plan, I need to rotate it to the vertical. VW says it won't do it. How are you supposed to do this very simple operation. I've got VW 2010 on a Mac. Please help.....
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