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  1. Will the power planning solution also export other data such as dmx channel, circuit number, unit number - in other words everything you need to send a document to a lighting warehouse so they can patch units? At the moment there is only the Create Report method which means having to build a complete chart every time you want to export lighting data.

  2. So they are giving you the option to spread the cost over three months - but they did that last year anyway - what I'd like to see is some active help for those of us who have bought into the Vectorworks system, and for me it has been since 2008 - just a little give back when we most need it - that's how loyalty works....we'll see....

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  3. Ok so I'm wondering - I work in the live events industry and have had no work since February. I'm not alone. 

    Will Vectorworks/Nemetschek offer a reduced price for VSS this year in support of its subscribers who are affected by the pandemic?

    £800 is a lot of money to come up with when you've had no work for such a long time and it would be great to see Vectorworks' response - our loyal support of their product should this year of all years be noticed. This is not a gripe, more a call out for help in a time of real need.

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  4. Just one last thing though....now I can use it that's great, but my default paper size is A0. If I create a new sheet on A4 the title block still comes in the same size as it would on A0. Is there a way to scale the title block to fit the paper size or do I have to create a new title block for size of paper I use?





  5. Hey Pat, thanks for getting back to me - 

    I've re-started VW many times and still no joy...below are two screen shots showing the file path - in the first you can see my two files, CR title block and Copper Rocket, both sitting there with the other VW ones. Then when I go to find it in VW it doesn't appear in the drop down menu with the others.

    It might well be that there's another folder path to go to but I'm totally at a loss as to which that is. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

    Maybe I have to save the original file as something different? I created the title block using the attached pdf but it was unclear what to save the actual title block as...I just saved it as a VWX and pooped it into the folder....heeeelllllppppp. Please.

    Screenshot 2019-10-05 at 10.53.51.png

    Screenshot 2019-10-05 at 10.54.57.png

    How to Create a Custom Title Block in Vectorworks 2020 — Andy Broomell.pdf

  6. Hi there, I'm struggling to see my custom title block in the title block manager - anyone know what I'm meant to do? So far I've created the custom title block, attached all the record files etc and saved it in the same VW library as the other title blocks. It shows up in Mac Finder but when I try and open it from inside VW it's not there at all and I can't locate it form the resource manager either....help?

  7. Many thanks everyone for your feedback - I look forward to seeing how things progress and promise not to big up the Architects anymore who seem to be in very much the same boat as us all...

    I used AutoCAD many years ago and made the transition to VW in 2008 - it is still the best CAD system out there...:)

  8. Interesting indeed to see the direction this thread has headed - many thanks for all the posts and to be clear, all I was asking for in the first place was a usable Power Distro symbol - I'm really not trying to start a war on 3rd party plugins, I have them, I use them, but I still don't have a symbol for a PD - that's all.

  9. I think you misunderstand what I'm saying here - I'm not against 3rd party plugins - I have the Landru Designs Producers Pack and it's great - all I'm saying is that with all the amazing new features architects get time and time again with Vectorworks updates it would be nice if the slightly poorer cousin Spotlight could benefit too from some reasonably simple and ultimately useful tools. No need to rant. 

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  10. Hey Sam, thanks for your in-depth reply - I guess it opens up a whole new can of worms when you think about intelligent symbols as most lighting hire companies have their own bespoke power distros  and therefore creating a generic symbol might be difficult. However if it were possible you would start with a simple rectangular shape and by clicking on it (as you would a lighting symbol) you would input whatever data you needed like what sort of input it had, the kind of rcb/mcb/rcbo and if they had variable trips on them - that sort of thing. Then you would specify the outputs - socapex/16A/32A/63A/True1 whatever the rack had you were using from the hire company. So now you have a custom built PD of whatever size you need. The tricky bit then would be to attach the lamp information (wattage, circuit number on the socapex etc) to the PD so you could see on a chart or info pane of some kind the loading and phase distribution on that PD. Then by adding more PDs you could see the total load on your main power from your venue or generators.

    I guess what I'm trying to avoid is using 3rd party plugins such as Lightwrite when VW seems to use a lot of the tech already with its lighting symbols and if it just had a custom PD symbol and yes maybe a custom dimmer rack symbol too then it keeps everything neatly inside VW. Braceworks for example can draw truss, calculate loads and do all sorts of fun things. It's just a pity that Spotlight falls a bit short in the production side of things - there's no flow from drawing your plot initially to ending it with a nice clear chart of what's going on where. Sure, you can plug into Vision and pre-vis your show but there just seems to be a gap for production electricians who need to see a show through from the primary source of power through to the lighting fixture/video wall etc without having to use a 3rd party plugin.



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  11. Hi there, ideally you would have a symbol similar to that of a lighting fixture - only its shape would be a simple rectangle in 2d and cuboid in 3d. The idea would be to double click on it as you would a lighting fixture and then you input information such as power input (Powerlok, 63A 3phase Ceeform, 125A Ceeform etc) and the types of power outputs (16A single, 32A 3phase etc etc). It would simply represent schematically what sort of distros you are using on your event so crew can see on a plan what mains distros go where. If possible it would also calculate phase loading if you had the ability to tell it what multicore (socapex) were plugged into where. It just seems a pity that you can stipulate almost every known possibility for a generic light such as beam angle, shutters gobos, circuit way, address, unit number etc, but there is nothing as useful for mains distros which are just as important a part of any rig for a production electrician. Too often I see Vectorworks pandering towards the needs of US theatre designers with little or no support for the rest of us who work in the corporate sector all over the world. We need better service for the vast amount of money we spend on VSS.

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  12. Event Power symbols are OK for mains in as a master supply but when you need to break it down to smaller units and have multiple power distros dotted around your venue then Vectorworks has nothing to offer. Maybe one day....

  13. OK so I'm on to VW 2020 and still there are no symbols for making power distros - is it too much to ask that VW comes up with an adaptable symbol which you can specify the inputs and outputs so production electricians can create power schematics for shows. Unless I'm missing something in which case please let me know...:)

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