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  1. Whenever I export PDF's from Vectorworks, I use the default settings. I just checked, and neither "Export Design Layers as PDF Layers" or "Export Classes as PDF Layers" are checked off by default. Is there somewhere else that I need to check?
  2. Good call. Sorry about that. I'm using Vectorworks 2008. I'm on an iMac running 10.5.8. with 2.16 ghz, 3gb RAM. The DPI is set to the standard 300.
  3. So, question for you guys. I just sent out a set of .PDF's to a contractor and when he went to get them printed, they crashed the printers computer. The printer had to "reformat" the .PDf's. They said that there is an issue with the conversion software from the drawing to the .PDF, or there are too many layers. Now, what I don't understand is if there is an issue, why hasn't this come up before? I've always given clients/contractors .PDF's of files, and there seems to be no issues. I tried to open the same file on my computer, and they work out fine. So I guess the question is this - have any of you had issues like this before? Any ideas of how to get around them? I thought about rasterizing the .PDF's in photoshop and then sending them out, but for a package of 25- 22x34 drawings, the file size would be outrageous. Any ideas?
  4. Fair enough - thanks for the info.
  5. I'm fairly new to vectorworks - and entirely new to the forum - and I have a question about setting up Detail Libraries. We currently have a few different files, but flipping between them to find specific details is a little irritating after a while - so I thought that I would create one drawing, with separate design layers for specific types of details (eg. a 1:5 scale design layer for plan details of columns, etc.) So, a few questions. First off, is this a ridiculous way to go about building a detail library/is there a better and more common way? Like I said, I'm fairly new to Vectorworks, and this is the first Detail Library I've had to assemble. Second question is when it comes to getting details into the Resource Browser, do they have to be Symbols? Third is if they have to be symbols, is there an easy way to "decompose" them after they've been imported into the drawing? All of the work we do is currently in a 2D workflow, and what I was planning is setting up the library to import standard details, which could then be further edited to take into account for various changes that need to be done. We're using Vectorworks Architect 2008.
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