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  1. I am still using VW Designer 2009. It has features enough for me and my practice. I really don?t need 2010. There are other priorities inside Vectorworks.....for example to really describe each layer of a wall, and also for floors and roofs.....to have a database descriptions of each of these materials. etc.etc. I will not buy any kind of upgrade, till the day I can really make use of all this BIM information it takes so long to create, and being able to do serious thermal simulations of my Sustainable designs, using Passive Solar design technics. And if NNA will take to long to solve it, I will probably have to move to ArchiCAD.
  2. I tried Sketchup with it?s EnergyPlus plug-in last year, and I didn?t understand how someone can really send a correct description model to EnergyPlus engine. EnergyPlus is a simulation engine, and it needs a serious graphical interface, with serious thermal descriptions, weather data, lighting and ventilation setups etc etc. that are not part of Sketchup. VectorWorks works with IFC descriptions from scratch (There is no written tutorials about it?s workflow yet..but), being possible to exporting DOE-2, it would be "natural" to have the possibility to export in gbXML, like the other BIM players did.....to work with "THE" thermal simulation tool like DesignBuilder. It?s ridiculous after creating my BIM model with VectorWorks, I have to create another BIM model of the same project inside DesignBuilder........ using exported 2D DXF files. This was standard practice 20 years ago, when I first started using a PC based simulation program called Suncode (using text input), but it?s ridiculous this days with our "Super-Vectorworks-Architect-with-BIM-support"......:-(
  3. Chris, It seams you are using VW for mechanical engineering. Maple (mathematics) and FEA tools (Finite Elements Analysis) are ok for mechanical engineering. Building comfort and thermal analysis use a different approach, directly related with the geometry and components of a building. Thanks also for your input. Santiago
  4. Bob Thanks for your advice about eQuest. I have it downloaded and installed it. But........it works only in imperial units......??? I have exported a model from VW using DOE-2 export, but eQuest can?t open it. I need passive solar components like trombe walls and active air solar panels to be quantified, and I need to work in metric units. DesignBuilder is $$$ but gives me much more flexibility and detail. Regarding Revit, it was very interesting reading that blog :-) The history is repeating again and again, regarding mediocre tools and solutions being market standards. Autocad was a standard (stone age tool), and now Revit for BIM. But our VW is not interfacing with simulation tools yet.......and the information how to do it correctly from scratch is not yet usable . Many BIM manuals about 3D. BIM is not just 3D, it?s a progressive workflow since the beginning of a project.
  5. I want to use Vectorworks Architect "with-BIM-support" to export my models to DesignBuilder. DesignBuilder offers me the best way to simulate my passive solar design (Energy, comfort perfomance, CO2, lighting) My question : Is there any plan to implement gbXML export into VectorWorks? What kind of workflow are actual VW users using to export building models to hourly thermal simulation software? Thanks Santiago Ribas
  6. I installed the VW2009 to Cinema plug-in, and when exporting my 3d model to Cinema , I didn?t get the traditional setup menu (classes, pen,fill colors, symbol control etc etc), and all I get in Cinema is the walls and slabs, but windows glasses and all the class def.s are lost. Is there any trick I don?t know about this new plug-in version? VW2009 Designer Cinema R11
  7. How did you get to install 2009 Plugin in first place? I am trying it for several days, from the Maxon web site, I have downloaded it, and when unziping it asks me for a passphrase..... I managed to get this passphrase "C4D Update", and unzipped it, but the content of those files it?s only an html file and an JPG image.....no plugin inside. I Don?t understand this situation.
  8. When using the stack layer feature in VW2009 and export to Cinema 4D via plug-in, I get a flattened 3D version of my project into C4. I have tried to install the VW2009 to R11 Exchange plug-in, but the file zip file called "vw2009upd.cd4update" is password protected.... Any clue?
  9. Yes the metric units appear on the OIP, that?s why I was expecting seeing them on the VectorScript Plug-in too. But that?s not the case they appear as imperial, and if I introduce my metric units, this field does not show metric or imperial, I am using VW2009 on snow leopard.......
  10. Doing the 908 ShortSharp training module from Jonnathan Pickup, to change plug-in parametric objects in order to use our own metric dimensions, and use of alternate names; I want to include the Net Glazing area in my reports, but this value is just a fixed value; if I change the window dimensions I don?t get the new glazing area. It seams there are certain rules using this editor: 1. Can we edit the Name? Or just the alternate name? 2. Certain alternate names begin with a _underscore, why? 3. Can we edit the parameters after #99? 4. Can we change to metric units? If I change them, they don?t appear,and they are not used. (yes I enter the units at the end) Where can I find advanced Vectorworks manuals and information about plug-in objects, advanced use of worksheets, VectorScript etc etc.? Thanks Santiago Ribas
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