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  1. Hi, I am very new to Marionette but love it already. So i tried to make it easier and quicker to draw multiple skirting boards in a house. (or any other mouldings for that matter). I have watched many videos and found some interesting advice and helping nodes and networks, espcially one from AlanW called Path Extrude on Edge, which is a modified version of the Path Extrude node itself. Now, the first problem, before i found Alan's file, was that the extruded object would always be created centred on the pathline, and not on the corner where the wall meets the floor, and i could not figure out a way to tell the node to work this differently; no options as there are with the command extrude along path f.ex. I guess Alan had the same problem hence why he tried to find a work around with the node that he created. However his nod seems to require some more network nodes to work (?), and furthermore it leaves a copy of the path polyline in place, which i don't want (I have dealt with what i need to happen to this line in my network.) I guess in a perfect world it would be ace to keep the extruded paths tied to the marionette so that profiles can be changed after they have been created ? Is that possible at all, and if so what kind of object would need to be created in the end? So can anyone first help me to create this node, or network, that works the way i have laid out in v01 in the attached file, but produces a result from a profile in a symbol file, and sets the path to a specific corner or vertex in the profile file? Skirting v04.vwx
  2. Hi, Yes changing the garphics preference does make it slightly better, but the lag is still bad enough.
  3. I am still having this problem of lagging intermittedly. Especially when moving wall objects and selecting them. Anybody else with the same problem???? I have gone through a round of support but it did not reslove anything... logging info sent off... no answer. Hmm I am considering re-installing my 2014 version.... I have aW530 lenovo 16bg quaddro k2000m workhorse and only on 2018 encountered anything that would doubdt its power. I am sorry it might be 5 years old, but this computer should not struggle with an updated cad program.... it must be the soft ware? Or am i missing something obvious here? I should mentio i have just re-installe downdows 10 from scratch and vectorworks was the first thing i installed.... Very frustrating. can't work like this!
  4. The owner of the font has come back to me and suggested un-installing both the OTF and TTF versions of the font (I had installed both) and re-installing ONLY the TTF. This has worked for me. I guess the OTF font throws the other one off somehow..? Thank you for your prompt reply.
  5. Finally found a font that looks a lot like my own hand draughting font. It is Draft Punk Ltd, purchased from MyFonts.com. It displays perfectly fine but does not print at all; it is just missing. Not on any of the three printers that i tried does it work. Nor through Adobe PDF or a freeware pdf generator, nor does printing through rastrising output (SLOW) work; all these seem to get stuck in some never-ending loop. Other software, like CS6 Design series (illustrator and Photoshop) or Libreoffice all display and print the font fine in any shape of form. It appears to be solely VW that has an issue here, or is there something wrong with this font? Anybody else had any problems related to specific fonts?
  6. To successfully extrude certain 2d shapes i have sometimes converted them into polygones, which is fine visually. But it does turn curves into lots of tiny lines. This is a problem as after using the model to design and visualise for my purposes i then make a 2d flat version of all the shapes and send it off to a CNC router to cut them out. And this machine needs the curves to be curves with the least amount of points to do the best job. SO, the question is how can i make curves out of polygones again? Adobe illustrator offers a function called simplify which simplifies the curves back into just a minimum of points. Does such a function exist in vectorworks? Or which way would you have to go?
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