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  1. good to know that i'm not the only one having problems with callouts. i have the same situation as DuncanM, although, i'm never patient enough to wait for the spinning beach ball to finish its run!
  2. I rarely use the tool palette, but CMD+5 is already a habit of mine whenever my layers are not snapping. Thanks for the suggestions, I guess this is just one of the many quirks of vectorworks I have to get used to.
  3. Thanks but is there any way to lock VW into a strictly 2D drafting mode?
  4. So I can't seem to find this topic anywhere and I'm not sure if any other user experience this, but whenever I draft (most of the time in 2D), I find that I have to press CMD+5 a lot of the times as layers automatically become a 3D view. Does anyone know to stop this from happening? Perhaps I may have click a shortcut key that activated this? Thanks!
  5. as lyndsey mentioned, yes i can get them back by clicking on the desktop or on the blank spots themselves. but thanks for clarifying the bug issue.
  6. Wondering if anyone is having any glitches with the Navigation and Attributes Palettes. I'm attaching two screen shots. The white spot is the missing palette. I'm using VW 2010 SP1 on a Macbook Pro 15 (Unibody) running Snow Leopard with NVIDIA 9600M GT turned on. Thought Spaces might have something to do with it, but tried disabling that and the problem is still there. Not a big issue, but would like to see this solved in the next update if this is indeed a real bug.
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