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  1. Thanks, I'll give that a go. I was trying something similar, I just hadn't drawn a polyline into the circle.
  2. So, I am learning the ropes of VW09 in a CAD class I am taking, and as part of one of our projects we've been building one of the rooms in our homes. I've been pretty successful so far with most things like my book case and computer desk, but I'm about to start on my futon and I'm kinda of perplexed. The futon is the one in this link (hopefully providing links to outside sites isn't forbidden or looked down upon, if it is I apologize http://www.wallmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=10794467 The arms are what are getting me at the moment. I'm fiddling with drawing a circle inside a circle for them at the moment, and duplicating it to make 2 legs, but duplicating along a path that would make them join one another is where I am having problems. Any ideas? The only hint my instructor gave me was that I would have to extrude along path, and he only said that because I told him I had figured it out and he let that slip. Thanks all.
  3. I've actually not even been able to access the program yet, so my workspaces folder is empty, save for the files that initially installed.
  4. Hmm, the application still is terminating at start-up. Any other suggestion? Thanks btw for your assistance.
  5. I installed from the digital download. Would you be referring to the VW 2009 Viewer download on the General Updates and Downloads page by chance?
  6. Also, I did search around for an answer before posting, sorry if this has been answered many times before, I couldn't find anything other than checking display drivers, but if I cant even fully launch the app. then I am not sure that that is the problem.
  7. I am attempting to run my activated copy of VW 2009 Student Ed. with Renderworks. When I launch the application my computer immediately closes VW and provides me with the "System has stopped working properly." error message. I had this same problem with the trial version and had decided to only do work inside class and in the lighting shop. However, with the course expanding by leaps and bounds I will need to have a working copy installed on my home PC. I'd like to know if you have any suggestions on getting around this error. I have tried running as an administrator. And had un-installed and reinstalled the program on several occasions during the trial period. I have never had the program launch successfully. Any help would be appreciated. Intel Core2DUO E8400 3GHZ 4 GIGS Windows Vista Home 32bit SP1 ATI Radeon HD 4800 series


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