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  1. I'm working on a project using VW 2008 while the architect of record will be using AutoCAD (don't know which version, yet). I'd like to standardize the transfer of DWG files and I don't know exactly where to start. I've created a table showing the correspondence between VW lineweight and DWG color/pen#. The only place I see to set this is the second dialog box that comes up when exporting. Is there a global way to set this mapping for every time I export? Any other VW to AutoCAD standards I should be considering? Thanks!
  2. Figures it was right in front of me! I can see what that option means now, but I never would have guessed that that was the one. Thank you!
  3. Second question: I'd like to scale a selection of objects about a point of my choosing. Is there a way to do this? I've been creating scaled axon line drawings and importing a raster image rendering from another program as an underlay. It would be great to align the image at a specific point and scale about that point. Like I do in Photoshop. Any suggestions?
  4. As a new user to VectorWorks, I'm not sure where to find a lot of the preferences. One thing that has baffled my coworkers: on my install of VectorWorks 2008, when I select an object, I can click (click and release the mouse button) a grip and move it around, then click again to set it where I want it. My coworkers claim that they have to click and hold, drag the grip around (finger depressed the whole time) and then release where they want it. I like my version better, but I sometimes have to use other computers. Is there a setting to change this behavior? Hope this isn't a silly question or in the wrong forum.


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