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  1. Using OS X is the best workaround for the video-card-woes-problem discussed 81 times at this section. it seems to work so far. you might have problems printing on non-PS-printers.

    it works best disabling all extensions but qd3d / qt under the classic-settings.

  2. I wish back old times when there was not Nemetschek but Diehl-Graphsoft that seemed to be a far more responsive company.

    I think that at least 95% of the design-works are 2d. These 95% do not really need Nurbs. VW 8.5 is very good in that. The only wish I would have was a better text-tool able to create block-formatted text.

    So not the amount of tools, there quality and speed is important.

  3. This is reply #80! I simply cannot believe that there is still no solution to this problem. What is the current state of reaction?

    This IS a seriuous problem. It has been six months I am forced to be working without 2d-acceleration at my 4000$-computer. Ridiculous!

  4. I think it's the best you can buy at this price. We've included the cheapest iMac that does the ripping. It has only 96 Mb ram, but it's enouth to even use it as fax and internet router. Print quality is very good, but you have to struggle once to get the colors match vectorworks.

    by the way: you can also use it with mac plot, but it prints only with 300dpi and the result is frustrating.

  5. I experienced that interactive rendering on VW9 under Open GL does not work at all - moving the perspeive changes into wireframe mode. under 8.5, it worked very well with QuickDraw 3d interactive.

    Even the simplest boxes shade in wireframe only...

    Besides the 'viedo card woes' issue, this is another thing that IS frustrating! Does anyone have a solution for the problem (my configuration is VW9, 512 Mb ram, G4 MP533, OS9.1)

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