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  1. yes, it is in the vectorscript Appendix, I discovered getobjectvariableint is gives the default break mode of the plugin, not the instance break mode. setobjectvariableint doesn't change anything (not the default value or the instance value) could it be it is only available for SDK plugins?
  2. I can't set the wall break mode from inside the script of a PIO that is inserted in a wall. SetObjectVariableInt(pioHandle,124,4) is not working altough getobjectvariableInt(pioHandle,124) gives me the right value is this a bug?
  3. Hi, has anyone noticed that sometimes when you add parameters to an existing PIO that old instances of the PIO have a 'corrupt' layout in the OIP. (newly pasted instances have the correct layout) The problem is mostly not situated around the position of the new parameter but elsewhere (old parameters 'disappear') I noticed this before and I always tried to avoid making new parameters to an existing PIO but on this project I need to. We have 12 vectorwork users all of them using this PIO, giving it a new name would mess up our workflow. the PIO is event enabled and has custom buttons. recompiling the script doesn't help in attachment you'll find a picture of the OIP of an old and a new instance of the PIO after adding a new parameter (dropdown).
  4. in the auto hybrid menu you can choose to 'show as reflected ceiling plan' and for the part below the cutplane you can choose 'dashed hidden line' but you can't choose this option for the part above the cutting plane. We as constuction engineers always make 'look up' drawings. Can you please add this function?
  5. Name2Index('ROOD') gets you the textstylerefID
  6. I'm sorry, I want to change colors in part of a string and tought this post was about SetTextStyleRef...
  7. if you have the name of a text style then how do you get the text Style ID? Or even better, how can you make a new textstyle in vectorscript?
  8. FUNCTION SetTextStyleRefN ( objectId :HANDLE; start :INTEGER; count :INTEGER; textStyleRef :LONGINT ) :BOOLEAN ; could do it, but how can I get the 'textStyleRef' if I don't have an object with that textstyle. Is it possible to create a new textstyle and set its attributes, and get the ID of the textstyle?
  9. is it possible to partially color a string, like it is possible to partially make it bold (with SetTextStyle). You can make the object in vectorworks, but an export and re-import to vectorscript doesn't work... see attachment
  10. a script running in VW2014 doesn't work in VW2015. I am unable to create an image-pulldown menu based on symbols while in VW2014 the same script works fine. using: CreateControl(ID, 102, 10, '', 0); in the definition of the dialog and: popupindex := InsertImagePopupObjectItem(dialogID, 102, symbolName); SetImagePopupSelectedItem(dialogID, 102,popupindex); in the drive dialog section anyone experienced problems with these commands in VW2015 SP3?
  11. Pi_

    VW2015 Tab

    all my custom PIO's have this behaviour in VW2015 SP3. in VW2014 SP5 I can tab around...
  12. I agree, I just started working with section viewports and I want this functionality ('+'-sign and thousands separator) It would allready be an improvement if the elevation benchmark would follow the unit settings for length...
  13. for those interested GetObjectVariableString(h,1166)
  14. hi, has somebody figured this out? I posted on this techboard and on VECTORSCRIPT-L about this (only discovered this post now) Vectorworks Home » Forums » Customization » Vectorworks Vectorscript » CreateVPClOvrd working? No answers... I just want to know if we are making a mistake or if this is a bug and we have to wait for a new Service Pack...
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