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  1. After playing with this issue, I tried just changing the text style to another font and that seemed to eliminate it. Not sure why it did that because I always use the same font.
  2. Has anyone dealt with an issue with using a Callout Tool whereas the text does not get distributed evenly when you adjust the shape of the text box? When I adjust the box to create two or more rows of text, instead of the word adjusting to the next line, its actual letters. Not sure if this post will keep the formatting but here is my best example: Normal: NO GRADING PERMITTED WITHIN TREE PROTECTION FENCE Current Problem: NO GRADING PERMITTED WI THIN TREE PROTECTION FE NCE. The word "WITHIN" is split in an inappropriate break. Please any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. New user to VW. When I import CAD into VW, the callout's arrows are no longer attached to the leader line. Is there a setting to correct this? Also all of the arrows come in and look normal in design layer but are HUGE in sheet layer. I finally figured out that the arrows are detached as I was only selecting the leader line. 2) Also I dont understand the dimension 0.125". Does this mean the dimension when measured from the sheet layer? 3) when I export to CAD with my callout arrows, will CAD read them as two separate entities, as a line & a separate arrow object? This could be problematic with sharing with consultants. Thanks Collin
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