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  1. Hello, what is the best way to import vector art from Illustrator to keep the vector point count low? I am bringing in client art to CNC cut on the router and the import converts the file and increases the vector points, faceting the artwork. Is theres a way to fix this? Thanks!
  2. Thanks Pat, I have tried Resetting the Preferences already, which sounds similar to what you are suggesting. I'll keep tinkering with it. Thanks for the help!
  3. Pat, I don't understand. I am in my workspace and toggling through the Y key, but it doesn't change anything. Could you explain how that is supposed to work? Snapping is working in my normal workspace, just not in Symbol Editing mode
  4. Thank you, Pat. Yes, they are. Odd too, because just before I closed VW on Wednesday night, the snapping worked briefly. Now it isn't again.
  5. While editing symbols, I have the "Show Other Objects While In Edit Mode" turned on. In the past, I have been able to snap to the greyed objects outside of the symbol that I am editing. That isn't working now. Any idea why? Is this something that I need to check a box to activate? Never had to before. I just upgraded to 2019 SP2, but it was going on before then. Thanks for any help!
  6. That didn't help, but thank you for the response. I am trying to show the number of brackets (etc) that are redundant. One would think that this part of the link would help do that, but it didn't work. Here's how to show the number of unique object types: Highlight column A and click the Worksheet menu icon (the triangle to the left of the Descending Sort icon). From the drop-down menu which displays, select Insert > Column; a new column A is inserted. In the cell at the intersection of column A and the header row, enter a value of 1. The individual totals of unique objects are summarized in column A. Any other advise? BTW - My symbols don't have records, they re just parts of a larger structure.
  7. I am trying to use the Create Report function to count the symbols in my file. It comes back as counting 1 for every symbol. This is obviously not working correctly, or I am not doing it correctly. Also, is it count per layer, or for the entire file?
  8. Thanks for the help everyone. I was able to make it work by making the map a square and crossing my fingers! I was never able to get the Obj Info options to work, so i never had any control on the placement of the pattern, but it works otherwise. thanks!
  9. I am trying to render a steel table top with a custom perforation pattern in it. Rather than subtracting 10,000 holes from my table top, I am trying unsuccessfully to make a texture map that does this. For some reason the texture map that I have created is not editable; meaning that all of my controls in my Obj Info pallet are grey. Further, while the texture map is rectangular, the map comes through square, which stretches the holes. VW 2015 SP5 Designer Renderworks What am I doing wrong? thanks in advance. [/img]
  10. Thank you! I will try that the next time it happens. I have Safari open constantly
  11. I rely on my shift key to keep things straight but sometimes it just stops working. No reason; no pattern that i have found. Any thoughts? Am I accidentally turning off a preference with a key command that i don't of? Running VW 13 Design on an iMac with OS 10.10.1 Thanks
  12. Seems like the older version of VW had more import options for 3D models found online, specifically OBJ. Am I right? I used to be able to go to Turbosquid and find models that I can use in my drawings, but now I have a harder time doing that. How are others doing it? thanks
  13. Setting the 3D Conversion Resolution to Low worked. Thank you
  14. This may be a memory issue, and this file has crashed VW a few times. It is 77MB and has a fair amount of DWG trusses from the Global Truss website. I do modify one of the more memory intensive parts, but the problem is that when I update the viewports, it just ignores the two I am showing here. Skips over them and leaves them in wireframe. Is there a way to reset these? If I can get them to render Hidden Line one more time I can Convert Copy to Lines and get rid of all the math involved! Any help is appreciated. [img:left]http://i149.photobucket.com/albums/s66/mbasher/HiddenLinetest.png[/img]
  15. Hello All, Not sure if this is in the right forum... I work in the exhibit industry, and we have recently purchased a Biesse CNC router. I am trying to get information on getting files to read at the router. I have currently sent DXF and DWG files to the router, but the Biesse software (BiesseWorks) isnt importing them. Biesse says that VW should have a post-processor available as a plug-in to get these files transferrable. VW customer service has told me that they dont have this post-processor and that as long as I am exporting to DXF and BiesseWorks can read DXF, all should be good. does anyone have any experience with this? I see that the VW website lists an Add-On that is called "VisualMILL", and i have asked VW customer service if this is what i need, but they havent comment to that. Any help is appreciated. Matt
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