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  1. My stats BTW Windows 8.1 i7-4770 3.40 16RAM 64Bit GeForce GTX 650Ti Hmm... all the attempts to select it failed. Until I started messing with layers and classes to see if it was somewhere else. Switching from Grey/Snap to Show/snap/mod Layers caused it to vanish. However I only have the 1 default Design Layer 1. I know am a "Greenhorn" here and I sound like a noob in these posts, but trust me I've been using and teaching this software for a decade. There's something going on here. Thanks Sean
  2. OK Jim. Its happened again. I was just playing around with some of the new spotlight stuff and made a ladder stuck a few instruments on it and then entered a rotation of 90 in the OI rotate field. I did an undo and a phantom light stayed behind in the position one of the lights was in in the rotation. I can't select it. Just like my escutcheon plate in my other file (that was the mystery object). I tried to attach the file but the file manager says its larger than 2MB. Is there another way I can get it to you? Sean
  3. Dave: No it reverts to the attribute color--white if I haven't done anything to it or whatever fill color it was if I had assigned a color. It happens in all (well both--I can't say all) modes. I usually notice it as I'm examining a Final or custom RW render then I notice something white that should have a texture. It's the same in OGL. This last time it even affected two legs of a chair that I had converted into a symbol. I had to edit the 3d of the symbol to fix the two legs, while all other parts of the chair with the same texture were fine. The only problem I've had between OGL and RW was a few versions back (12?) where images in textures would be scaled properly in RW but 2x as big in OGL. If I reduced the ratio to make the OGL look right then the final render would show the image 1/2 sized. But I haven't seen that in a while and even then it was extremely rare. I think this new thing has only happened in 15 but it's happened several times since September. It only takes a few minutes to fix...if I catch it before I launch a 20-minute FQ render. Sean
  4. Benson: Interesting. I must confess I don't know what DTMs are. Thanks Sean
  5. Thanks Jim, I had given up assuming the file was corrupted. But as I’ve put a lot of work into it I was determined to hunt it down and kill it. I finally succeeded. It seems like the object’s actual position and it’s “visual position” in the document somehow got separated. I was able to select it by dragging a box around a completely different part of the drawing—empty space. Then I immediately cut and pasted into a new layer. Once there it behaved perfectly normally. I deleted and moved on. I don’t know, this is one for the Enterprise crew. I’m assuming it was some kind of glitch. Thanks anyway. Sean
  6. Windows 8.1 i7-4770 3.40 16RAM 64Bit GeForce GTX 650Ti Sorry I forgot to include that. Are you also here in Ashland? That's a kick. Thanks at least for the reassurance that I'm not insane. Sean
  7. I have an object in my model that is completely un-selectable. It is a tapered extrude that got left behind when I rotated the rest of the object that it was part of and I missed it in my selection. Now it is lost on some parallel universe. I can’t force select or Ctr-drag select. Nothing short of Ctr-A will select it. I made a copy of the file and, one-by-one deleted every other object in the model to see if it had been accidently grouped with something—nope, there is was all by itself on an empty layer. If I select-all and delete, it goes away. Nothing short of that works. When it was all by itself, I did a Crt-A and the OI said it was a None/None class/layer. Nothing special. I would ignore it except the Viewport sees it too and draws it. It also pops in and out of existence when scrolling in top/plan. Any ideas anybody?
  8. I’m having a minor but annoying problem with 15. Textures keep disappearing from objects. I will create or import a texture, apply it to a number of objects and go on my way. Later (I assume after reopening the file) I’ll notice that random objects will not display their texture. According to the OI Render-tab the texture is still applied to the object, and other objects in the same scene will be displaying the same texture, but nothing short of re-applying the texture will make the tex display properly on the effected objects. When it happens it will strike 3 or 4 objects at the same time—but again not all the objs with that texture. I can’t say for sure but it seems to affect ext-along-path objs more frequently. Any thoughts anybody?
  9. ...well I just tried it in 2015. And what do you know, it worked! Don't know why it was a guaranteed crash before but nice to know it works in 15. The clip cube thing would still be cool, though. --thanks, Sean
  10. Crashes every time. Makes sense doesn't it? 100% crash rate. Thanks though, Sean
  11. I was excited to use the Create Section Viewport to make quick groundplans for theatrical scenic designs. I was disappointed to see this option is only available on the sides of the clip cube. The viewport section cut also does not allow for horizontal cuts. Scenic ground plans are basically section cuts at 6? above the stage floor (actor?s head height) cutting through scenery and theater architecture. If I could Create Section Viewport from the top of the clip cube, it would be exactly what I?ve been wishing for, for several versions. Short of rotating the whole model 90, is there a way to create a viewport from a horizontal cutting plane at Z+6?? Thanks Sean
  12. Thank you. I thought of that after I posted. I thought I was current but NVIDIA did upgrade my drivers. Haven't had a chance to mess with it again. I hope it works. Thanks
  13. I eagerly downloaded the Trial of 2015 this morning. I haven't quit a session yet. After opening a file form my current version (2013) I'll play around for a bit, checking the new features only to have it crash. This has happened 6 or 7 times in a row. Seems to happen when I'm in Open GL. I'm a bit hesitant to drop $1500 for an upgrade if I can't get 10 minutes of work done. I hope there is an easy fix here. Sean Windows 8.1 i7-4770 3.40 16RAM 64Bit GeForce GTX 650Ti
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