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  1. If you hold your mouse over the greyed out "New" button and the helpbox says "Can't perform operation because the Plug-Ins folder is read-only", you will need to go to the Plug-ins folder and give it Read-Write permissions.
  2. Trial and error, with lots of patience...
  3. DoMenuTextByName('Sun Position',0); This seems to work, although it is not documented in the VectorScript Appendix.
  4. John, As you were trying to unlock the link, I was assuming you were trying to change the attributes of the link itself. You will not have to unlock the link to change the attributes of the objects on the link's parent layer. Here is a script that I think may do what you want: PROCEDURE UnfillLink; VAR curlayh : HANDLE; {------------------------------------------} FUNCTION NoFill (objh: HANDLE) : BOOLEAN; BEGIN SetFPat(Objh,0); END; {------------------------------------------} {------------------------------------------} PROCEDURE FillToNone (Linkh : HANDLE); VAR parlayh : HANDLE; Parlayn : STRING; BEGIN parlayn := GetObjectVariableString(linkh,160); Layer(parlayn); ForEachObjectInLayer(NoFill,0,0,0); END; {------------------------------------------} BEGIN {main} curlayh := ActLayer; ForEachObject(FillToNone,T = LAYERLINK); Layer(GetLName(curlayh)); End; RUN (UnfillLink); The possible issues with using this though, are that it will unfill all objects on the parent layers of all layer links in your file. It will not work on hatches inside symbols or groups, but could be fixed to do that. I am no expert at this, so you may want to try this on a test file before running it on your original. Also, after exporting your file, you will need to manually re-fill all the objects on your parent layers. P.S. Posts like this are usually better placed in the VectorScript section of the message board.
  5. You cannot change the attributes of a Layer Link, even when unlocked. Have you tried this manually using the attributes palette? Vectorscript can not do anything that you can not do manually in VectorWorks. The only things you can do with an unlocked Layer Link is move it, rotate it or delete it. But in the DWG export, you can choose not to export fills, if that will help you.
  6. A Layer Link just displays what is drawn on the on the "parent" layer, so you cannot turn off the fill on the link unless you turn it off on the parent layer. VectorScript will not help you in this. You could, however, toggle on "Use Layer Colors" while displaying the linked layer, and if the linked layer's foreground fill color was set to white, the hatch would "disappear". Unfortunately, "none" is not a color so you would have to settle for white.
  7. Peut ?tre ? l?origine, mais c?est bien accept? en anglais.
  8. Repairing permissions does not fix the problem for me. I went straight to a folder after repairing permissions, and two out of the five VW files had the blank icon.
  9. Michael, Just curious, why do you use a hatch to poche your walls instead of just turning the solid fill grey?
  10. When you turn on "Use Layer Colors" it is global. Nothing in your drawing will have color (gray is a color) unless you set the entire layer to use those colors. The default layer colors are black and white, so you drawing is displaying as expected. It is a little odd though that if you use a hatch with a matching line and fill color that the preview of the hatch in the resource browser displays the lines as black. But this has nothing to do with Layer Colors, the resource browser display is consistent, whether you are using layer colors or not. I think the preview of the hatch displays the lines just so you can preview the angle and relative spacing of the line in the hatch when you pick it from the Resource Browser , regardless of the color. So I am not sure this is a bug.
  11. You can't stop any document from opening at startup, but you can at least make it so it is the document you want by doing as cbaarch says above. If you hold your mouse over the "Save as Template" command it gives instructions for making it the default. If you want no document to open, you are out of luck, but the next best thing is to just do a "command-W" as soon as it opens and the window will close.
  12. I have noticed in both VW 11.5 and 12,5 that the Revision Cloud Tool draws the cloud from the input fields according to how the display units are set. In other words, if you set your drawing's display units to "Decimal", and "1", then choose the cloud tool and , the default billow values of .4 display as 0 as they should. The bug is that if you click O.K., and draw the cloud, it will draw the cloud using the displayed values of 0 rather than the internally stored values of .4. The odd thing is, if you open the Object Info Palette, you can change the billow values to .4 and the cloud will redraw using the correct values of .4, although the Info Palette will still display the values as 0, as it should.
  13. Yes, a Resource "Browser" that acts like a browser with Back and Forward buttons. And can we please provide a button in the Resource Browser to get back to the Top Level with one click. I have hundreds of symbol folders I have to scroll through to get back to the top level. If you have deeply nested symbol folders, going back up through the hierarchy to get to the top is very cumbersom. It was actually much easier to get back to the top level in VW versions 8 & 9. This was downgraded in version 10 as far as I am concerned.
  14. What happens when you hit the "Don't Save" button in the Save dialog?
  15. The Improvments description for VectorWorks 12.5 says: "VectorWorks can now read from .ctb files during import and write to .ctb files during export, to handle line weight to color mapping information" Is that what you are looking for?
  16. And here is a response to the actual topic: We just upgraded from 11.5.1 to 12.5 and I too have seen the "flashing" that I think you are referring to. The entire drawing window goes black for a fraction of a second. I thought this was just my machine but I guess not, I will now pay attention to it and try to see when it happens. Other than that, I am impressed with the upgrade.
  17. I just added option-command 1 to the "Active Only" command and it showed up in the menu item and works as it should. Are you sure you clicked O.K. and not Cancel after adding it in the Workspace Editor? If you go back into the Workspace Editor, are the shorcut symbols still showing on the menu items?
  18. Has anyone else been losing their V11 file icon previews after installing V12? We just installed VW 12.5 on all our machines, but we are still working in VW11.5.1 and have many V11 files on our Mac OS 10.4 Server. All of us are now having problems with looking in folders from the mounted server and randomly, some of the VW11 files have lost the icon preview and display as a blank generic document. These "blank" documents open O.K. in VW11, and seem to behave normally fortunately, so this is not a huge issue. But, if I "Get Info" on the "blank" file, it shows that it is set to "Open with VectorWorks 11.5.1(default)", so it knows what the file is, but does not display the correct icon. The odd thing is, if I switch the "Open With" setting to "VectorWorks 12.5", the file then takes on the correct VW11 icon preview. I can then set it back to "VectorWorks 11.5.1(default)" and it keeps the preview. As I said, not a huge problem, but just a bit annoying. Anyone else having this issue?
  19. Katie, My point was just that the "Create Walls from Polygon" command is still there (and as a practicing architect I don't know of too many building shapes I can't create with "add surface" and " convert to polygons"). I am well aware of the "Industry Series" concept, one that I am not entirely in favor of... but that is a different thread.
  20. Christiaan, I am confused. I just loaded VW 12.5 (Fundamentals), and in the Standard Workspace, in the "Modify" menu I have both the "Create Walls from Polygons" command, and the "Create Polys from Walls..." command. And under "Modify", in my "Convert" command, there is no "Objects from Polyline" choice. The only things in the "Convert" pulldown list are all Convert "to" not "from". Also, are you trying to convert from Polygons or Polylines?
  21. Are there not two ways to gray a layer? 1. Organize/Layer Options/Gray Others 2. Organize/ Layers, then in the Layers Setup Dialog, check the gray diamond next to the Layer name and click O.K. I think the original post may be suggesting that you should not be able to snap to layers made gray by the Layers Setup unless the grayed layer is active, regardless of the choice in Layer Options.
  22. The unit mark is controlled by the Units dialog in File/Document Settings, not by the plug-in. If you want a square unit mark different than the VectorWorks default, you can go to the Units dialog, create a custom square unit for meters and give it any custom unit mark you want. If you then set your document to use this custom square unit, when the plug-in is used, it will display with the unit mark of your choice.
  23. From what I can tell, you only get a margin on the right if you have a palette touching the right side of your screen. Since you have your OS X dock set to the right and you palette shifted left, VectorWorks does not see the palette as a right palette and takes your window all the way to your dock. You probably don't want to do this, but if you turn on dock hiding, you can put yor palette all the way to the right and the margin will then act correctly. I have never seen anyone putting thier dock on the right. Maybe Nemetschek never considered this configuration in the design of the window margins.
  24. I hate to suggest the obvious, but is it possible that "VectorWorks Preferences/Session/Palette Margins" is set to "None"? This will give the indicated behavior.
  25. Has anyone had any luck making DWF files on a PC by printing directly from VectorWorks using the Autodesk DWF Writer driver? I have tried this but it takes about 3 minutes to write one file, and all the text is missing on the DWF once created. So far the only way I seem to be able to make a DWF is to print to a PDF, send it to my service bureau, and have them print to the DWF from the PDF and send it back to me. This is of course ridiculous. It is not my fault that my client has chosen Buzzsaw as his collaboration tool. I am a MAC guy anyway, so I am all thumbs on a PC, but in a Mac world a virtual printer driver works with any application. Is this not true on a PC? Any one have any tips?
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