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  1. Yes I finally realised that I did not have any 'direct' light. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  2. The default texture set in the walls drawn is stucco medium white wall. I played around a little with other textures - which did help, however I am still having a few issues. Openings are translucent, and I can see sun through them. The sun just does not project into the room as much as it should be. Is my north screwed up? How do I check this? After playing with the textures I am able to get light, but it is appears either washed out or too dark depending on the brightness. No, the camera is not in a wall. I Can see the furniture and person I placed in the model etc.... I don't have any light source in the interior - I am guessing I need to add one in... I appreciate your help on this.
  3. VW2009, Final Quality RenderWorks, I haven't added textures to the walls - is this necessary? Design layer/model space - I think... still kind of new to VW as you can tell. I set my camera view in RenderWorks, then viewed in the object info palette. Is there an easier way to view interiors? I am trying to get a snapshot of how shadows are cast into this room that is already part of a model I have been working on, and then show a series of shots for a basic solar analysis. Thanks.
  4. I am working on a model, trying to decipher how to show the natural shadows on an interior camera view. When I render it with shadows the interior walls are black. HELP - what am I doing wrong?


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