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  1. Well, apparently now I cannot install the SP3 'cause the system won't recognize my serial number. Now what do I do? So, the actual program will install alright but not the SP3...
  2. Nope, I hadn't. DLing it right now. Any other ideas? Suggestions?
  3. Morning guys, I know this has probably been asked to death, but I'm getting desperate here. I recently upgraded to Vista 64b, and my Vector 2008 will not work. It will install, but then when I try to run it, it will give me a message that reads "VectorWorks 2008 Application has stopped working" with the options of checking online for a solution and closing the program (which doesn't do anything other than closing the program) or just plain closing the program. My question is, will it work on 64b? And if so, what am I doing wrong? Yesterday a friend recommended that I downgrade my Quicktime and iTunes and I installed Quicktime 7.2 along with iTunes 7. Still no luck. Finally, in case the program will not run on 64b, how do I uninstall it? Thanks in advance


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