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  1. Actually, the callouts do conform to the default font as you say, but the legend always comes out 12pt Arial, no matter how the menu is set.
  2. Jeffrey, that helps. Thanks. I can now see the legend when I'm in the annotation view. Is there a way to change the default fonts in the keynote legend so I don't have to change them to my standard font after placing the legend?
  3. Hey, Jonathan. Thanks for your response. But I wonder what the logic might be to place the keynote legend outside the window, where I can't see it.
  4. Hi, all. Maybe this is a configuration problem, but when I add notes to a sheet layer viewport, the keynote legend appears outside the "edit annotation" window instead of right there where I'm working. I can't even see the notes until I exit the viewport annotation. Is this supposed to work that way or is it possible for the legend to be inserted inside the annotation window?
  5. Hi, everyone. I installed Snow Leopard last night and now I wish I had checked with this group before. No problems so far with any applications other than VW. I haven't had crashes like some here have reported but display is quirky. When I select an object and then mouse over the menu or a tool palette the screen fades to gray and sort of pulses at a roughly 2 second cycle. I'm still able to edit and draw and the display clears up as soon as I unselect the object and refresh the screen (by zooming with mouse scroll). If it doesn't get worse I might be able to limp through this until there is a fix from NNA. Otherwise, I might have to try changing OS back to 10.5? Has anyone else experienced this?
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