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  1. I've had similar troubles, but it was related to things within symbols being assigned to the wrong classes. I could select the symbol and see a ghost of the thing, but un-selected, I see nothing. If I remember, I had the symbol in the right class but some geometry within was in a hidden class. It's especially tedious when it's a door or window and you have to set all of those classes in the dialog box.
  2. I have to ask. Do you have the 'black and white only' icon selected on your menu at the top of the screen? If you don't see it on your menu, click on the disclosure button at the top right. When I check that, I get the exact same behavior. I see the designated color as it draws but it immediately changes to black and white.
  3. Of course, a simpler option would be to use the Option-8 keyboard shortcut for a bullet.
  4. Not sure if this is helpful, but for larger bodies of text, like cover sheet, sheet specs, etc., I use a word processor, print to a pdf, put it in my Xref folder, and reference it into my sheet layer. MS Word has a sheet size limitation, but Pages (I see you are on a Mac) will let you create large sheet-size pages with columns, tables, etc.
  5. Hello, all. Curious. My callout tool can't seem to apply one of its default settings. In the callout preferences window, I check the box to insert as keynote. But it doesn't insert as keynote. So each callout has to be fixed in the object dialog box. Simple work-around, but what's up with the Callout Preferences? FYI, it does this in new or old files. Putting the callouts and the Notes Legend on the same layer in an otherwise empty file doesn't help. Any ideas?
  6. Is anyone else having this problem with the pop-up asking if you want to accept incoming network connections? Every time I start VW, I get the pop-up. I have tried manually removing VW from the list of 'allowed applications', rebooting, adding it back to the list, answering yes, answering no, ignoring it... Nothing I've done makes any difference. I don't see anyone else complaining, so maybe I'm the only one with this prob? I'm using VW Designer/RW 2014 SP1, latest OS 10.9 updates.
  7. I had a similar problem when I installed 2014, but fixed it by adding the path to the 'Preferences>User Folders' list.
  8. I figured it out. No more glitchy zooms if I open Preferences>Display tab and check the 'Enhanced Navigation Graphics' box. Now I'm back to normal with mouse zoom.
  9. I'm on a Mac, but it's probably similar. If you go to your Vectorworks Preferences window, click the Interactive tab, and then the Interactive Appearance Settings, select one of the Object Highlighting elements. When it's selected, you get choices for setting colors and opacity. The default appears to be about 40% opacity. Is that what yours looks like?
  10. A couple of good days without crashes. Woohoo. But, then I haven't been on the boards as much either. Here is the latest crash report from a couple days ago. I don't know how to read this, but here it is, just the same: Crash Report
  11. Guys, I know you must get this a lot, but the service you are 'giving' to the VW community is immeasurable. Your patience, insight, and good humor is a gift to us all. Thank you, thank you. Would you like my first born? Really, you can have him. : )
  12. Thanks for the tip. I do use Onyx. In fact I ran a cleanup in Onyx right before I began to have lots of problems with VW. Cause or coincidence, I don't know. I'm only using the MacBook for now. Haven't installed 2014 on the iMac. Here's a link to my system report from MacBook: System Report
  13. Yes, I see the same herky-jerky zoom when I use the zoom tool. One other observation that might be important: If if I use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out from one mouse position without pause, it seems to work ok. But if I zoom once, then pause a sec, and un-zoom or zoom to a 'very different' mouse position it goes bonkers again. I guess that has something to do with having to redraw another part of the screen?
  14. Thanks, hp. I don't know how to do that but I just looked at 'console' and see a lot of what looks like gibberish to me. What should I look for?
  15. But wait. I'm getting glitchy zooms, too. I've had VW 2014 running for several weeks, but this prob only showed up in the last couple of days. Regardless of images, or whether the file is new or a converted older file, I get herky-jerky response when I zoom with mouse wheel. By that, I mean that when I zoom in by a few 'clicks' on the mouse wheel it zooms, pauses, goes back to original zoom and then zooms in to the expected scale. No probs if I zoom a click at a time. Logitech M510 wireless usb mouse, current driver according to Logitech download page. This is one of many new symptoms that have been popping up this week, so it might be hard to pinpoint. Any ideas?
  16. Warning: I'm in a rant. 2014 crashes repeatedly. I don't know if it's because of VW or some other OSX system problem, but I'm beginning to look fondly at my t-square. Admittedly, right now I'm in an emotional state because I can't get any d___ work done, thanks to the crashes. I'm good at 2d in Vectorworks, but now I'm handicapped not only by the 3d learning curve, but also this lame 2014 release. I truly believe modeling is the best workflow, but only if the app works as advertised. My martini is helping, but for heaven's sake, fix this d___ software!
  17. Hey, Matt. I'm trying to install CameraMatch 2013 on my Mac. (I'm using all the latest updates for Mac OS and VW Designer 2014.) I understand there is an auto-installer in VW2014 that looks for a zip file that I'm supposed to have downloaded, but my download from your site is a dmg file. VW doesn't seem to recognize it, so I don't know how to install CameraMatch. Any suggestions?
  18. Hey, all. I'm new to 2013 and 3D, so if this is a dumb question, please forgive. ? I am modeling a 1 story renovation. I have two layers visible - New and Existing. Third layer Demo is turned off. ? Everything is in working plane - no screen plane. ? Layers and classes are set to Show/Snap/Modify Others. ? When I change view, say from Top/Plan to Isometric, only the active layer responds. The inactive layer retains its former view until I make that layer active and change its view to isometric. This is not normal, right?
  19. No problem. Thanks for your helpful answers. I downloaded "DWG-DXF Converter 1.40.app" from cnet yesterday and it worked fine. I'll look at Draftsight as well.
  20. I've searched the forum and haven't been able to find an answer to this question, but surely there has been discussion(?) How do I import Autocad dwg v2010 into VW 2009? Do I have to get a 3rd party app to convert the file before importing??? Bill
  21. Guys, I may be more of a lurker than a participant in these dialogs, but I have to agree with how valuable you all are, out here in the real world. Just yesterday I discovered that the pdf's I print from VW Arch 2009 don't display correctly on a PC. They look great on my Mac, but in Acrobat Reader some of the fonts display as white on a white background unless I zoom 200%. Problem fixed when I export to pdf instead of printing.
  22. Jaime, I'm joining this thread late, but I'm an architect struggling with the same issue. Would it work to send pdf's of your base plans to your engineers so they can xref (grey) in the background, draw their info on top and then send you a print-ready pdf? This way everybody can use their own class/layer system.
  23. A little quirky maybe, but that works! (Do a little dance).
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