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  1. Modeling (or at mimimum, drawing) the rebar will get you a building permit around here as well, in case you decide to build within community expectations and financial institutions' guidelines.
  2. For what it is worth, I'm a very new (and very enthusiastic) user and am having the same problems you describe with *any* kind of wall join in 2010. Unfortunately, I am so new to the VW software (yet having used Revit 09 and 10,ACAD Architecture,TurboCad,Cinema4D,Bricscad9 Pro,Rhino4, and others for years now..) that I don't quite know how to point to the problem clearly except that I've spent many hours looking at tutorials, links, making new files and now just about to try a re-install. Definitely frustrating. Wall join just does not seem to work as described in the "Getting Started" tutorial and un-does itself without warning or any predictable outcome. If I was a seasoned user, I'd know what to check. I figure that I've got about another 23 days left to bail out... I hope I don't have to. I'll call tech suppt. next and hope my luck is good. I really do hope it is just that I'm missing something. Thanks, two EDITED: Tech Support was excellent. Problem solved - just another case of user/beginner error.
  3. OK, thanks gentlemen. Just was a little hesitant to rip them out. best, two
  4. Hi, My 2009 evaluation version has expired. I've installed the purchased version of 2010 and wish to remove the 2009 - Win XP Pro. There is no record in Add/Remove Programs of either Vectorworks or Nem... . I hesitate to just delete all so-named folders. Has anyone seen this before - have any suggestions? Many thanks, two
  5. Thanks very much for this, Jeffrey. For me, a beginner with VW, 2010, it is a real confidence builder. two
  6. Issue solved this morning. Marcus Dulin (US Architecture sales) was very accomodating and fast. Thank you all for your help here. two
  7. Perfect, Thanks very much indeed!
  8. Hi, I'm working with 2009 eval version until they get my serial number for my 2010 purchase sorted out, on Monday, I hope. Meanwhile, as a rank beginner, here are a couple of hopefully not too "rank" questions. How do I turn off the Tool Set icons which I don't wish to see or plan to work with - such as machine components or welding symbols? Can I just choose an Architectural interface? I seem to remember this from somewhere, but cannot find it now. Will I be able to find parametric joists, such as steel bar joists and similar components somewhere? Is this a plugin or a library item? Many thanks, two
  9. Thank you Pat! As I am on Windows, this seems to answer it. Best wishes.
  10. Twelve??? I guess that since 12 expired so long ago, they'll never allow a refund on it.... ;-)
  11. Hello Pat, here are the first 6: A5MUSZ. Thanks very much for the assistance.
  12. That makes sense, Peter. ( I sure do miss Oregon. Had my boat on the Columbia at Donaldson's for many years and waded in the Nesutcca as often as possible.)
  13. Haaa!, Yes I do know how you know this one! Been there and done that one! Thank you for the suggestion too as it was a real challenge the first time, but not the problem this time...alas...
  14. Thanks Peter, I've done that and I will again for these 2 rather important issues. So is this kind of disconnect common with Nem.. ? Thanks
  15. Hi, I just opened and tried to install the new Designer 2010 as delivered to me today via Fedex. I get the error "You have entered an invalid serial number. Please re-enter." Well, I did that - about 5 or 6 times - from the serial number on the sticker on the dvd case. No luck. Any clues? I tried repeatedly to call the Nem... in MD, USA and they are closed for the weekend, even though they were still open when I began calling. Additionally, I paid for the professional full software with my own card and name as an upgrade to an existing academic account and the invoice says "Sold to: (the company address I had it shipped to - not me or my name)" My confidence in the Nem... might be fading a little. Not a helpful start out with the VW. Is this a regular kind of expectation? Any inside tips necessary on how, in the US, I might pursue to straighten this out. I admit I am peeved as I planned to spend the weekend digging into the program, the Pickup book I bought with it, and enjoying a change from Revit. Many thanks
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