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  1. What are your specific settings at the moment? a screenshot of the palette is fine. Just the usual selected. No grid.
  2. Hi there I have recently migrated at work from using a mac to a PC. I have been using VW 2008 (SP3). On windows, I am getting repeated errors in snapping which result in having to redraw things numerous times to get the snap to work correctly. For example, drawing a line between two vertex points.I click both points when the 'point' prompt appears and complete the line. I zoom in after to the ends of the line and they are like this: As you can see, the end of the line is in fact not snapped. The same error occurs with all snapping, such as moving polygon points, drawing rectangles, etc. My snap radius is set to 5 pixels and I have the correct snap settings selected. This is making it take twice as long to draw everything and is very frustrating. I have never had this problem on mac. I'm really hoping there's a simple solution to this so I look forward to any replies! Ivan
  3. Oh and I should probably mention it is only on this file for some reason. I'm using VW2008.
  4. I'm having an issue with the spaces tool. When I 'create spaces from walls', the spaces and text is created correctly but it also creates a point miles away from them which has no purpose. It is not part of the polygon, maybe a centre point or something it is unclear. It is a great annoyance however as it means the centre of rotation for the spaces is incorrect and zoom to extents zooms out way too far to be any use. I can move the points but only individually so moving 50 or so makes it time consuming if your doing it a couple of times per hour. My spaces are at about 0,0 and these points are being created at around 453500000,342000000. Slightly off.... It is probably a setting somewhere causing it. Any help is appreciated.
  5. Updated to SP3 and deleted then re-created the stairs and they seem to be working now. Thanks for the help!
  6. I'm trying to export a file I've done in VW2008 into v12.5 for someone at work but everytime I try, vectorworks closes unexpectedly. It is only this one file but it is quite important I'm able to export it. Any ideas? Here is the problem report:
  7. I'm using VW2008 at work and trying to put in two staircases using the tool into a building. Both stairs go from ground to first floor. I worked out to set the Z level of the plan layers and linked the stairs to both the layers. I create the first staircase and it is created on the ground floor and first floor correctly. I then create the second set of stairs and they appear on the ground and first but the initial first set of stairs disappears from the first floor. If I open the settings for the first staircas and click ok it reappears but the second disappears. Why can't I have 2 sets of stairs?
  8. Does anyone know how to convert an un-styled wall into a wall style available on the resource browser? I'm running VW 2008. Maybe there is a plugin which will do it?
  9. We have a template already set out in illustrator with different layering effects for different parts of the drawing. Its really easy to just copy and paste in cs1, only takes seconds. Annoyingly the person next to me has CS4 and it does work for him still. Just seems CS3 with the problem.
  10. At work we have been copying and pasting from vectorworks 2008 to adobe illustrator cs1 with no trouble for presentation drawings. I have just upgraded to adobe cs3 and now i can't paste into the application from vectorworks. Any ideas why this might be? How can I fix it? Thanks, Ivan
  11. Hi, New to the forum. I'm trying to link areas of polygons into a table in vectorworks (to provide live information on building footprints). Any information on how to do this would be great. Thanks
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