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  1. Christiaan, none of the other BIM apps are the grail you seek, they all suck for the creation of architecture. They do what you say which is to allow for larger teams to work together. At the moment ArchiCADD does the best with the server(anyone here how it is working?) with REVIT and its huge slow files second. Vectorworks and Microstation are very 1980. One needs to pick the tool that meets the need, can never quite understand the commentary on all these tools for architecture, as that is all the software is, just a more expensive tool for expressing the the minds eye. Your firm will switch when you have the authority to make the switch until then........
  2. From what Jeffrey is saying you still have the old stair tool to link to layers and the new stair tool, you choose based upon which one serves your purpose best.
  3. Shaun We do not know how much old code has to be fixed or removed as upgrades are implemented. I could imagine where over a million lines of code has to be reviewed. The pace may be directly proportional to the price of Vectorworks, not sure? The Vectorworks price may be in direct proportion to the amount of engineering resources that can be made available, wonder how many are working on the application day in and day out. Best I can tell ArchiCAD's new Teamwork server has taken over 4 years to implement for just this one new feature. Imagine a the amount of effort it would take to manage data if you worked in a file with over 10,000 classes, 10,000 design layers, and 1,000 references to other files. From working in other applications similar to Vectorworks, the present path that I see they are taking will allow greater creativity in creating forms and shapes of all types. From the Downloadable brochure one see 80 new or improved tools and features. ArchiCADD had maybe 20 in this release, hard to tell as they did not list much. Revit had a very limited set of improvements besides the Ribbon interface. If this were a race, which it is not, I can see Vectorworks overtaking the other two by 2012 as being the most designer friendly application to use for design professionals.
  4. That is what most are doing these days even in the large firms, they just sit down in a room and go through the model looking for clashes between the Ductwork and the Building Construction and Structure.
  5. No 3d DCM only 2d DCM implemented at this time from what one can tell in the videos.
  6. Clash detection does not even exist in a workable manner in any application at this moment. Navisworks, the supposed clash detector in you example above sees every HVAC connection purposeful or not as a clash. If you ask and get an honest answer from any of the vendors they will tell you it does not work. It appears fromt he video that the big difference is there are no limitations to snapping or manipulating across layers. In all things with improvements they are incremental and will never include everything everyone wants or needs at this moment and so this also appears to be following that rule.
  7. Highpass, what is that you think is backwards with the present DL/SLVP system? I am sure that a little bit more detail would be helpful to all of us in understanding what issues you may have with the present working of DL/SLVP. Maybe a different post of yours in another forum has already been posted, just direct us there so we can read.
  8. Ozzie, It appears from 1D2D3D_4D post that the Site DTM has been improved with no mention of Text changes. Not sure if that is a complete list or totally accurate, others may have to weigh in on your questions. Maybe Ray or Mike who have posted know the answer to the questions?
  9. One would think that if you still own a Mac PPC that you could still buy 2009? In other News Releases, Nemetschek North America has said that it will be releasing a version to run on Snow Leopard later in the year. It may not be in their best interest to sell(not sure why) you 2009 but it seems like it would be advantageous to increase sales of Vectorworks for those who have not migrated to an Intel Mac yet. No Guarantees but imagine if you call any of the inhouse sales folks they could confirm the purchase availability of 2009 for PPC version Mac's.
  10. Then why does the USA, of the countries in the world, have the most people wanting to immigrate to this ugly, over sized, Greed ridden land. Is it that we allow ourselves to tear down the generation before us and criticize ourselves????? Or that anyone from anywhere who chooses to can succeed here in direct contrast to their background which would be a wall in most other places. If you look at the more well known practicing here as Architects, many are from all over the world, not sure why they come, since we seem to have a barrenness of any original thought. Islandmon, you may want to travel a little more into the heartland of the USA where on sees very little of what you describe. I would start in North Dakota and work your way down the Mississippi or the Missouri river basin with a few 200 mile detours here or there. Kindly, Rostislav
  11. It does not work, especially if you are using 2009.
  12. Then no Multi-Threading is to be expected in 2010, it will be most like 2009. Do not think that one could rewrite the code for Vectorworks from the ground up in one year to take advantage of the new Mac OS.
  13. Vectorworks 12.5 works with Snow Leopard 10.6 with no other issues than those already experienced under Leopard 10.5.8. The same bugs exist.
  14. Renderworks already uses Multiple-Processors.
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