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  1. Fantastic! GetFPathName worked a treat! Thank you so much! Jack
  2. Raymond, yeah, I saw that but for some reason i am having trouble getting it to work. Currently i have within the script: dateValue := Date(dateFormat, infoFormat); docName := GetFileInfo (filename : GetFName ; FullWritePath); GetVersion(vMaj, vMin, vMai, vPlat); But i have tried all sorts without much success My knowledge on this is limited son any help very much apreciated!
  3. To anyone who might know this i am building a data stamp and i want to get the full file path for the active document. I can get the file name (GetFName) and i can get the file path of the application (GetFolderPath (1)) but i can't seem to get the full file path name. Help!
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