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  1. OIP = Object Info Panel? DLVP = ???
  2. Do people have much luck working with imported dwgs? I've imported a set (that I didn't create) and I'm finding it near impossible to do anything. When I activate a layer, I'm unable to edit any of the existing geometry. I can interact with the geometry but I can't select any of it. New geometry isn't an issue. Any advice on working with imported dwgs?
  3. I just installed the Vectorworks evaluation and when I launch it, it terminates immediately. Checking the log I found this error: 8/11/09 9:28:32 PM com.apple.launchd.peruser.501[115] ([0x0-0xe00e0].net.nemetschek.vectorworks[19715]) posix_spawn("/Applications/Vectorworks 2009 Eval/Vectorworks 2009.app/Contents/MacOS/Vectorworks", ...): Permission denied I tried running the Update to Vectorworks 2009sp4 but it wants a serial number which I don't have with the evaluation version. I'm running on Mac OSX. Any ideas?


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