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  1. There is a plug-in available at www.vectordepot.com that will toggle b/w to colour that can be assigned a shortcut in your workspace
  2. Could you provide more detail on the process that you are doing i.e. select layer from pull down menu or nav palette go to ..... select.... etc...
  3. to take full advantage of VW in the architectural side of things having Architect is almost a must then to make the best use of the tools one has to think about objects rather the lines the lines weights then become less of an issue especially if colour fills are use; which prints as grey tone when set up an engineered copier as for classes we do not follow the standards but try to create a hiearchy that relates the the layers. We use more than one file for a typical 2 or 3 storey residential project - we workgroup reference if required so a Site Plan file would have 2 or 3 layers to get info to sit front to back LL (layerlink) to bring in WGR and classes would have site-text site-misc site-road site-cars text-titles text-misc text-callout text-zoning info acadimport- we would move the acad layers here etc...
  4. the wall tool works in conjunction with the wall join tool example draw a rectangle draw a wall on each side shorter than the sides the letter U on keyboard move the start side (win version) then select wall join tool select the first wall move the mouse the second wall and they will join either at 90 or L then fill the rectangle with a solid colour to make it look good then change the colour of the wall to a darker colour to make it stand out.
  5. another tweak we set up sheets to print on a 24x36 one page to a wide format plotter. Batch prints works just fine we then want to print the same set to a desktop 11x17 printer (both hp) from our experience so far we choose one of the sheet layouts when then from "print setup" cnage to 38% to get the reduction of the 24x36 to 11x17 and maintain a scale only the visible sheet changes which then make "batch print" useless a whole new set of sheet layout has to be redone which is where a duplicate button would work
  6. VWA11 on win98se how does VW recognise the installed fonts? we have added and or deleted fonts from the c:\windows\fonts folder vw does not show the same list as the ttf fonts available in the folder. we reinstalled win98se (from cabs folder) we used uninstall to repair vw11 still the one font we deleted then added does not show up in vw fonts
  7. 24x36 is a Custom Size in Distiller
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