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  1. Thats exactly what was, thanks Mike!
  2. The walls in my house have disappeared. It was there to start off with then after i stuffed around a bit it went. The windows are there and i can see the bottom of the walls but nothing else. I have class style selected in the attribute pallete and a texture selected for that class. Help please!!!
  3. Thanks Peter I was kind of hoping there would be another way of using the hardscape tool that i wasnt aware of. If i use textures instead of the hardscape is there any way i can match the pattern on the surface of my hardscape to the texture? Thanks
  4. Hi guys Just need to know how to slope a hardscape such as a pathway? I wish there was an easy way to do it as there is with the road tool via the object info pallete using the rise value. But it doesn't seem to be case. Thanks
  5. Thanks guys much appreciated The move 3D works very well
  6. Hi guys I have had this problem for quite some time where i have had to import a 3d object such as a table, bench, etc from the resource browser but when the object is in there its at an z elevation of zero. I would typically have a few level changes in my designs so some of the objects end up being underground. Then if you try z value in the object info you find that there is no where to do this. To fix this i have been creating different design layers for each level then changing the z value to desired in the layer in edit design layers. Is there anyway to change the z value of an individual object if you cant in the object info panel? Thanks
  7. Thanks guys. Ian H do you find it easier to leave all the rendering to Piranesi? Or is there some things Piranesi is not quite capable of? Thanks Jules
  8. Hi I have Vectorworks Landmark 2009 + Renderworks. I have found that the 3D image available in VW dont contain many shrubs ground covers or other small kinds of plants (there are mostly trees). I would like to know if there is any where i can purchase 3D images from? Thanks Jules
  9. Hi Guys I have VWLM+RW 2009 and would like to know if there is any simple way to create a landscape wall that follows a slope in a 3D site model without splitting the wall up using the split tool and changing the Z elevation in each individual section. Any input will be greatly appreciated Thanks


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