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  1. have you assigned proper ifc entities and then checked the exported model in solibri model viewer?
  2. everything that can be assigned an ifc entity to is ifc exportable. as for the solids, i'd wish a broader pallette of solid object that can be used for floor plan generation from the aec menu. btw, the ifc evolution (ifc doc, ifcowl) makes it a sine qua non already
  3. as long as there are no slanted walls we'll always be handicapped when it comes to designing free-form buildings. we still can't impress anybody with it, and having it for floor plan generation from the free-form massing model would give us an enormous edge in modelling for macro bim, everything in one and the same software.
  4. magicplan is great, but we're talking about a full-fledged bim app for the ios. and ipad pro is already strong enough to handle it, right? the only issue is the completely different cursor pointer situation for a mouse and for the pencil or a finger.
  5. a few exemplary details of the modelling practice in vectorworks for bimestimate ifc export: - you have to properly set storeys (also very important for 6d software with ifc or gbxml exports and for solibri model checker) - you have to carefully choose the classing system - the most important are the overall class of the wall or of the slab, and the naming of the components, exactly as they are named in the real world. the class' names of the components are not important, as they don't appear in bimestimate. - you have to export complex elements (walls, slabs and roofs) to ifc with 'by components' checkbox checked. please verify those rules when exporting to your 5d software. rob
  6. cameron, bim is for the efficiency in design and in the construction, the best way to do it is to couple both in the ipd (integrated project delivery) process. in order to model properly as a designer (architect or consultant designer) you'd have to communicate with professionals dealing with the 3d (geometry), 4d (time), 5d (costs), and 6d (energy and environment) bim, just for the starters. i consult my projects with users of 4d and 5d software, especially the latter one, in order to enable them use my ifc model for takeoffs and cost control. my software of choice is the polish (recently also international) bimestimate (http://bimestimate.eu/en/). if you're using another 5d software (probably so), please contact the vendor or the users to benefit from their experience in importing the ifc models into their application. the reason is the proper connection to local price databases with proper local building materials. imho forget the worksheet exports from the software (they are useful, but still not entirely live connected to the model), concentrate on the ifc with proper parameters in the ifc entity psets, as it's one of the most common import formats into the bim evaluation software packages, and also into the bim management ones (solibri model checker, navisworks). rob
  7. hi guys, any other news on linux? we (as the distributor) approach a university with a rack of linux server machines, is an educational server installation somehow possible? thx, rob
  8. we hope to integrate this for the polish market. the interiorcad functionality makes vectorworks a complete software for interior designers, from the first concept through to fabrication. we can really stand out. the germans have made a great job, anyway. rob
  9. the terrain model is a solid (even if it's called 'a mesh solid'), or at least it interacts in solid operations with other solids. otherwise the cut'n fill calculations wouldn't be possible in real time and wouldn't be updatable. rob
  10. this is the worst survey imaginable, i fully second the workaround suggested by peter. on the other hand, here in poland i require points with 'z'-coordinate from my surveyors. if it's above their scope, the owner must pay, but this is a necessity for exact calculations of the building footprint with cut'n fill volumes. i don't work with mere 2d data anymore. rob
  11. oh man :eek: read first about the topic, and post then. rob
  12. hi guys, can somebody instruct me what is the difference between a massing model created, say, by extrusion of a rectangle, and a massing model created by 'create an object from shape' from the very same rectangle, apart from the fact that i can create floor plans from the first one, and i can do nothing with the latter one (it remains solid). both from the aec menu item ('model to floorplan'). why are they both called 'massing model', and what is the purpose of the latter? thx. rob
  13. ...and it's not a roof anymore, but a clipped solid. you can't assign any components.
  14. the air layer is mostly regarded as not fully ventilated, and is keeping its thermal insulation capability. you can count all components' properties to the overall calculation. additionally you have to calculate the resistance of the flow entering, and leaving the wall depth.
  15. ok, there's a help item on this: http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2016/eng/index.htm#t=VW2016_Guide%2FProgramming%2FCreating_an_Adjacency_Matrix_Worksheet.htm%23XREF_82838_Creating_an rob
  16. from what i know sketchup is a surface modeller, and you apparently need solids, or 2d shapes, in order to turn them into vw objects. rob
  17. jon, thanks again. i'll try to put everything together. for my part the import didn't work, but probably the positioning of the digits was not right. rob
  18. thanks, jon. do you have any hints as to the matrix fields? all i get is a requirement to draw physical spaces... rob
  19. hi guys, does anybody know what remained of the following workflow: https://it.arch.ethz.ch/html/e29tutorials/winnt/manuals/vectorworks/Onlinemanuals/spacepl/v8tkdessp.pdf ?? most of the commands don't exist anymore... thx, rob
  20. jon, i've tested a perspective rendered view. actually it visually works, but the classes and layers are not imported, and the annotations are not snappable. the elements disappear after the actualization of the view. the top plan view doesn't work at all. but the method seems pretty interesting... rob
  21. you mean r-values, right? btw there are no k-values anymore, but u-values.
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    thanks, jim. i'm relieved
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    any news yet? maybe some doc on energos?
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