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  1. actually i haven't mentioned the existing roads in the first place, my fault. peter, the texture bed works well with me, thanks. rob
  2. tamsin, thanks a lot for your explanation. you're great as ever so as i understand it correctly the roads are to be modelled manually, no matter if they exist or are proposed. i thought for the existing ones it's enough to adjust them to the terrain slope. ok, i'll get it right, then. rob
  3. i'm having troubles with sending a roadway piece onto a sloped terrain (up the hill, so to say). i tried with sending the roadway object to the surface, but to no avail, the whole element remains flat, level with the gutter at its beginning (-1.00). there is also a junction in the middle of the road, and it displays at the right height (-0.05). all three elements are in the site-paving class, both junctions have been sent to surface as well. do i have to use site-modifiers in some way for the straight piece? can anybody help? thanks in advance. rob
  4. now i remember these videos! i have watched the whole bunch but then i've lost them somehow. i usually store the educational films under thematically tabbed folders on my external drive so it'd be not a bad idea to store there the links to the unretrievable ones, too. thanks again. rob
  5. michael, you're my hero. thanks very much the trouble was multiple: 1. i didn't know there was possible to have many database queries in one worksheet. 2. i have tried to set a function with criteria in a blank cell in the area column that should have displayed the spaces areas sum for a particular story. 3. i've missed the (obvious) possibility to manipulate the original database query criteria. what i still don't get are the cells: e22 through e25: where do the criteria come from and how did it get set? thx again. rob
  6. hi, first of all: i know my excel knowledge is a miserable one, but some things seem to be different in excel and in vw. 1. the first thing is the sum of objects in a database spreadsheet: there is no possibility to select a few of the, say, 40 cells in a column, because they have a 2.n name, so the excel sum like this (c1:c40) doesn't work. all 40 objects get selected. is this a normal behaviour? 2. i've got a worksheet with all spaces (having a record format) in the 3-storey building with their gross areas. the record fields are the data fields from the space object record, space number, space name and gross area. now i want to retrieve the space areas from only one of the floors. what is the formula for this? i tried the sum of the space areas on, say, ground floor, but how to add a layer (story) criteria? i do the sum in the 'gross areas' column down there. thanks in advance for any hint. rob
  7. actually i don't know if it's a bug or a feature. somehow the data must be populated in the ifc export file in order for the estimation and simulation softwares to retrieve it. and somehow the automated vectorworks ifc export seems to miss it. so is my impression for today. rob edit: and how about the ifc data exchange with ies virtual environment?
  8. digitalmechanics, i understand less than before. your ifc data dialog has material data checked and populated (have you inserted the word 'concrete' manually ??), but the dimensions in the solibri model viewer are set at 'zero', and you don't have any record data fields populated in the object info dialog (tab data) in the vw file. as i see the only issue of your ifc data that is richer than in mine is the material tab in the ifc data and the material description. to see the results i will have to wait for the material data entry check in the external estimation software. it will last a while. what's going on here? i'm confused... rob
  9. thanks for the file. as a non-us-customer without a vss account i must rely on other help sources. and my local vw-provider isn't using bim at all i'll check the overall settings more closely. rob
  10. can you save vwx as a vw2012, please? rob
  11. i have an ifc test model here. although the solibri model viewer displays are different: one wall displays ok, the other one is spoiled (divided into 2 components with zero thickness), there's still no data in the ifc entities (see above). the division may have something in common with the various wall heights: the spoiled one has been cut with the construction ribbon at the edge of the upper slab. i'm not sure, this may have been fixed in the next vw versions, i post it for a vw 2012 status quo inventory. rob
  12. i'm getting lost here. apparently i can't get my ifc-material tab populated with data (i suppose it doesn't matter if it's vw 2012 or 2014). an independent estimation company working with a self-made application can't see any material for takeoffs when importing my ifc model. i've checked the ifc entities at random: no material data. i must have missed something very obvious... thanks for any hint. rob
  13. thanks for these valuable tips. please keep up. rob
  14. robert, thanks for your insight and for the script. i must dwell upon a bit, especially if i still haven't upgraded yet. rob
  15. referring to my post #179791: has this issue been addressed in the v2013? i mean: are the extended external wall components visible in the elevation views now? thx. rob
  16. we intend to go the full ipd way, including the contractor and subs along the design process, and managed by an independent bim construction manager. there will be no tender, but the target cost with target value design and the quality specifications. and with value engineering to control and to balance the overall cost and the one for each craft. any significant doubt and ambiguity is supposed to be solved in the design charrettes. and we'll manage the minor ones as well.
  17. sbg your deprecating statements don't impress me anymore. there was hardly a single issue here you were positive. i try to avoid such people. believe me, i will work out _any_ obstacle.
  18. archiphreak, don't bother reading negative statements. go for it. i'm just test exchanging ifc files with my mep/hvac consultant (revit/revit mep) and the troubles are with some booleans and roof-trimmed walls (while importing the ifc into revit). otherwise the geometry works ok. the project won't be big (12000 sq.ft.), but for clash detection even with those errors the ifc is enough. will your models be merged or otherwise referenced, apart from the clash detection? will you have sloped roofs trimming the walls? - there could be the flaws.
  19. as you click on 'create entity', the object info box changes its object properties, but doesn't affect the ifc assignment. check it by yourself. you may want to retain the object attributes as they were originally created. rob
  20. so you've lost your original object information while turning it into an ifc object, right? you didn't need to do this, the ifc assignment would have worked anyway. rob
  21. what was your last movement? you haven't created an ifc entity, i hope? rob
  22. @peter what mac os is on your macpro? rob
  23. the germans have a localization, but their vw costs more than double the int'l price. i buy in poland for the american price, no localization. rob
  24. do we have it fixed yet? vw2013? rob
  25. for the sheathing one could duplicate the roof like joe-sa writes and then alter the thickness, setting the whole on the top of the original roof. so the rafters could remain to the top. i don't have the vw open now. rob
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