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  1. i've just exported the conceptualisation model to an ifc file. the model contains only space objects, a few stairs and ramps and a terrain with some modelled levels, as parking places. all space objects are missing in the ifc solibri viewer. the spaces are 3d with defined heights. they are assigned to the ifcspace automatically and i've tried many export options (1st, 2nd level boundaries, visible objects a.s.o.). nothing happens. am i missing something? thx, rob
  2. My advice is to use Revit suite...why would anyone bother with DDS and scia is beyond me... I am not flush with funds and spare time to keep learning new software? and my advice is to think before you post. it's a vw forum, not adesk playground, and many of us use mac. rob
  3. well, that's why i started this discussion on: space classing i gradually think the most flexible method of handling of the visual appearance of spaces is to put each space type into a different class. in your case you'd have to put each space type that you want to have different display method for (*), into the appropriate class. i can't figure out a simpler method to show the spaces as on your attached picture, though. (*) various transparency degree, visible or not a.s.o. rob
  4. even the plain space objects can have colour fills, to be set in their 3d attributes, after giving them the heights. but i'm still on v2012, so maybe things have changed. rob
  5. for over 20 years i'm resolving troubles on different building sites, even for other design consultants and surely for the contractors. now i can do it digitally on shared models, even in vw. so what's your point, sbg? rob
  6. sbg, you could easily get a job delivering scripts for roland emmerich's movies. too late for what? wake up, dude, you think you're the only one leading the execution of the construction ventures? i lead a few myself, ipd-way, even with my vw virtual designs. and i don't need your catastrophic scenarios. rob
  7. but i give it a try. the trouble is i work always on 2 computers with many open apps simultaneously, so the superego recording won't work with me. the application looks fine, though. thanks for the hint, robert. rob
  8. yes, it requires discipline, at least not to forget to start the watch. as i've said, the activity termination is 3 minutes delayed, when forgotten. that's why i wrote about timeedition. it's a completely different approach, it's just to compare both. you can't stop recording time spent on a project when you don't do it manually in superego, too. it records blindly the whole open applications' time, no matter you work on them or not. rob.
  9. i use for my projects timeedition , it's both on mac and win. i can manage customers, projects and tasks, reporting the time spent on into output spreadsheets. in order to allow for an accurate time measurement one must but start and stop the watch manually. i generally set a 3 minute period of the idle screen pointer. it's a bit more specific functionality than superego, but more project-oriented and controllable. rob
  10. ... I don't understand? How do you propose to present an idea (i.e.. concept for a building) using data? Data is used to reinforce Logos, pathos & Ethos in great presentations HTH i'm too terrified to fear it already... rob
  11. how many windows appear in the take-off, then? rob
  12. which other exchange formats work between 3dsmax and vw? rob
  13. yes, you are right again and it's my miserable excel skills, sorry. unfortunately there's no field format assignment in the user-defined parameters' dialog options for the space object. thanks a lot, rob
  14. hi guys, i have troubles with data retrieval from a spaces' report. in order to calculate the cost of the space areas i've utilized one of the user defined fields in the space object ('additional data' tab). the original field is called 'additional info 01', i've renamed it to 'cost per sq m' and hard coded a monetary value as its data. then i've created a spaces' report where i included this additional field. so far so good, the hand-inserted values appear in the worksheet (attachment). now i want to calculate the multiplication of the space area and the sq m cost in the additional column i've added to the listing (column 'e'). the simple multiplication doesn't work, the monetary values (it's not dollars ) seem to have a different cell value, although i set it to number (here: decimal) and they sum to the spaces' count (41). another thing is the overall sum i wanted to have down the column 'e'. how can i retrieve these values to handle them properly? can anybody help? thanks, rob
  15. michael, can you post a v2012 version, please? thx, rob
  16. @brian i've eventually found some time to play a bit with this functionality (i've seen it in one of jon pickup's videos on bim theme), but i don't think it's a proper tool for my issue. it doesn't enable a selection of a particular space occupation entry (no argument list) so i couldn't handle their visibilities. it would require two criteria: one for the space type selection and the other one for its visual handling. rob
  17. there are websites listing the compatibility issues of known mac applications in various releases, as this here: roaringapps you can even check in real time. rob
  18. people are upgrading their os because it costs peanuts to null, before they even think of applications that could not be working anymore. i've upgraded my both mbpros from leo and snow leo to have them in unison on mountain lion, but i could easily let them rest on older os versions, especially as safari with many open tabs devours now my disk space down to null. there's always a compromise... rob
  19. i think it's a signal that they want to cooperate with one another. nemetschek is a giant, covering all areas of bim environment. a good move. rob
  20. neil, thanks for your insight. initially i thought that the separate classing would allow me to retrieve any space differences according to the possible attributes' settings (and they are a lot). then i've examined closely the space object itself and the criteria for the space object data fields retrieval. it turned out everything was accessible from the 'field value' attribute in the 'paste criteria' option from the record menu. in fact, it's a powerful feature the only thing i couldn't find is the graphic representation of a particular space object display (e.g. transparency i've mentioned in the initial post). all i can do is to set the transparency value manually (as i have done it with the colours), which makes it a non-intelligent property, dumb for any database or worksheet operation, and additionally requiring time for its manipulation. for this alone i'm not so keen on complicating the project file with additional classing. on the other hand i wouldn't like to block any functionality already in the starting phase of the project. can anybody comment on this? for illustration i enclose such a project of mine (a medical centre), which is in the concept stage. thx, rob
  21. hi guys, how do you usually handle the spaces of various functionality? do you put them into different classes or are all spaces of the same class? i have seen models where particular spaces (e.g. communication ones, either horizontal or vertical) were displayed opaque whereas other spaces were semi- or transparent and i wonder if it could be achieved only via separate classing? what are your thoughts on this? thx, rob
  22. bill, i don't know if it would help, but get a free onyx application (http://www.titanium.free.fr) and run the full 'automation' process suite in the first place. it clears caches, memory, repairs permissions, runs maintenance scripts and more. then you can check further. rob edit: sorry, false addressee
  23. You know what's annoying the 2 IFC BIM projects that I am dealing with this week...The client has already informed the Subcontractor-Architect that he's going to pay...LOL, I tell him to take the happy pills. it seems you are unable to handle this task. you should reconsider your nick, then. bim is about cooperation, not how to niggle. rob
  24. Yes, absolutely! +1 ifc and open bim must be independent of the proprietary rat race. rob
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