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  1. well, no, not the schedule itself -> the label, displayed graphically on the floor plan. rob
  2. yes, that's my goal. one column would suffice (for the label). rob
  3. hi, is there a way to have a door schedule in two rows on a plan? i mean e.g. one row for an id prefix, the other one for the id label. or even the third one for the id suffix? thx, rob
  4. jeez, i have autosave every 45 minutes and with files over 250 mb the saving times are annoying nevertheless. it's but still vw2012...
  5. i still don't get the reset, but i've managed to copy the window attributes from an older file. i've noticed that if the sash width offset was set to 'null', the window looked ok. when i change it to the desired offset of a value '2', the blue fill comes in. rob
  6. hi, after some strange vw settings reset (most of the classes have got fills with solids), the windows have now a part filled, although all window classes have been manually repaired (sill, glazing, lintel). it's the same look all windows have in 2d floor plan views. can anybody help to remove the fill? i may have forgotten some obscure class. it's been not a good week with vw... thx. rob
  7. hi, the list of troubles won't end, now i have an ifc export issue. the walls, previously displaying in solibri with semi-transparency and with materials listed in the attributes table (to the left), now, after having been modelled with integrated columns (walls have been cut into pieces) and fitted to the slab above, have lost their materials and that semi-transparency from older ifc export version. i enclose a solibri screenshot with a messed-up wall selected, and also a screenshot with a part of this wall with previous, proper appearance. additionally vw crashes a few moments after generating the ifc model. is there a way to check what's going on? btw, how can i roll back the 'fit wall to roof' command? in archicad there are a few options of removing the seo's for operators and target shapes. is something like this present in vw? thx, rob
  8. dieter, ok, so it's the floor plan bounding. i can do this while creating a slab (bounding to the walls automatically or via manual polyline shape). there's but no way to change the manual bounding to the 'pick boundary' when the slab is already created, if that's what you mean. the selection returns to 'manual', when clicked. i can't thus see the components in the object info, the button is greyed-out (the one under the selection to the right on the pic). is this the right interpretation of what you've posted? update: ok, the slab was determined earlier, so the components are available from the settings of this particular slab, for all its appearances in the project. i can set the bounding here (auto-bound to the wall or core faces - outer or inner), but it doesn't work the way i want them (see my previous posts). rob
  9. @dieter i still don't get it. you bind them manually or using the components settings? rob
  10. hi, me again i've got a window where i want to set the components overlap for better thermal insulation. the window setting > exterior wall detail > set to number of components '1' actually works, but the component display is non-existent. the wall has components of hatch fill, but the window-in-wall components don't show this way (a picture). they're blank. is there a way to repair it? rob
  11. thanks, sonny. i was aware of the direction, but the error in reasoning was on my side. i generally use all composed elements' assignment to the overall classes. i.e. all external walls are in the class 'wall-external', and their components are in the various subclasses, like 'wall-concrete', 'wall-insulation' a.s.o. here i must treat the whole shape as a component. the result is: i must create the particularly shaped slabs as a mix of component elements, placed in appropriate classes. thanks again for the correction in my thinking. rob
  12. as it turns out, my trouble with roof faces is practically the same as with extrudes: i can't assign materials to the slab. and i need them for the materials take-off. is there a way to assign, say, material concrete (the same as in the wall or slab components) to a modelled 3d shape (such as extrude, roof face, hardscape or any other solid)? i presume, only in this way i can complete the materials summary. am i right? i'm amazed how i missed this until now? thanks in advance, rob
  13. yeah, it makes sense. i have to do it for the last slab, which is bent in 3d. btw, how do you mean 'bind them'? i thought the construction slab is extending to the wall cores outer face (i can manage it manually, like in the 3rd shot from my post #197875), and the finish slab is being modelled when the walls are already set (like in real life), within the rooms, right? and yes, the troubles remain with the door areas. or do you mean the finish slab everywhere, not cut in pieces of each room size? thanks for input. rob
  14. the last hope would be roof faces, i've forgotten that one. i'll check it during the day (it's almost 2 a.m. at my place?) rob
  15. i've examined the file and there are some shortcomings. the shape isn't editable, and there's no possibility to cut holes in it. i've converted my shape (generated as an extrude) to a mesh, and the situation is the same. not a chance to cut, say, a roof entry out of the slab. leaving it as an extrude (a pretty easy action) i don't see any chance to convert it to an intelligent shape (e.g. material thickness added) but the cut-outs are possible, although not as an edition (like for any slab), but as a solid subtraction. in this way the whole object becomes of a solid subtraction type. in the ifc generated file the cut-out hole hasn't got any dimension (no perimeter and no area), but the whole slab (type: concrete) dimensions and volume are being properly calculated. the material (concrete) has a thickness 'zero', although the whole 'slab' is 22 cm thick. i think i'll have to leave it as it's currently is: as a solid subtraction. i don't see any other possibility. or am i missing something? rob
  16. sonny, hardscapes are only in landmark and designer, i don't have those packages. rob
  17. thanks, brian. the roof face option looks nice, i'll have to look at it. you can cut holes in it and it'd still be a roof face. actually the further goal would be to enable the reinforcement rods insertion in the structural model (the consultant's part) and the ifc proper entity setting to generate a material take-off. i don't have my dongle here to check it, can the enclosed vwx be opened in v2012, too? thx, rob
  18. and how do i convert my volume to a slab ? i tried to do this from polyline in the side view, converted to a slab object, but the extrusion in the z-direction (in that view) would wind up as an extrude again...
  19. actually i don't regard 'my' method as optimal. i want to have this part as a slab, not as extrude, but i don't know how...
  20. hi, another question: what is the best way to model such a concrete slab as on the attachment picture (the slab is displayed in grey)? i have tried with the extrudes (modelled in the side view in the first place), but i can't figure out a way to have the concrete mass in the material take-off. the extrudes don't carry this information. other flat roof components i can easily insert on top of this slab, this base shape is the only challenge for me. thanks in advance, rob
  21. i could eventually cut out the walls footprints while editing slab (cutting only particular components of the slab), but it's not intuitive and each wall translation will have to be reflected in new slab edition. is there any other workaround? rob
  22. @wes here are a few screenshots of the project. thanks in advance for your time. rob
  23. @mike the roof faces seem to work so far, even smoother than i've imagined. hope it stays this way thanks. rob
  24. @sonny the slab goes to the outer face of wall core (in order to be covered by the outer insulation). the wall is supposed to stand on the reinforced concrete part of the slab (the bottom 22 cm), and not to go straight up to the slab height (which is 36 cm). in archicad you can do this by boolean cut outs. i'm just experimenting with the slab settings, but neither of the slab components' options seem to work: slab preferences -> component selected -> edit (slab component attributes) -> edge offset (auto-bound). there are 7 options there, including inner and outer faces of wall, wall core and wall component. in the section viewport there is no physical difference between the choices. update: the manual entry for slab components (setting the negative offset values for the core thickness) WORKED ! (the screenshot enclosed) the solution is but only for the outer walls, i don't know how to influence the inner walls. and the manual entry for this particular slab components doesn't work for outer walls with different thickness. any thoughts? rob
  25. hi, i've got two questions: 1. the roof. is there a possibility to model a roof with two slopes, which is a hip roof (not gable !) ? i enclose a section scheme. 2. the wall. why the walls don't cut out the upper slab layers in a section generated from the model ? those slab layers have an edge offset auto-bound setting of 'inner face of wall core', and the walls have the cores defined. in spite of this, the wall core doesn't cut the slab. have i done anything wrong ? thanks, rob
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