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  1. well, tried the installation again and it worked fine. think on my first try I installed the missing dlls ok, but needed to restart my machine with the 'allow unsigned drivers' option (or something)... maybe. anyway, up and running now (so is Grim Fandango thanks to http://www.start64.com/ if interested!). performance is still very sluggish though which i'm not happy about - really drags on my PC compared to imac... not an x64 issue though as happened on x32 XP and have tried with a couple different graphics cards... maybe will start another thread! thanks, James.
  2. are you running the x32 or x64 vers? i've currently got the x64 RC running. not had trouble with anything else (apart from the Grim Fanango, but thats not a problem for these boards...) and am just having a look to see if it runs better than XP where its been chugging a bit recently.
  3. Seem to think this might have been the issue http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=122582#Post122582 will try when i get back, think i tried to install the file but it didnt work. will try again!
  4. Has anyone here tried installing Vectorworks 2009 to Windows 7? Tried it a couple of nights ago but had no luck - failed as soon as I tried to initiate the installer - will post the error message back once I get home, don't recall what it was. Anyone come up with a workaround? Thanks, James.
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