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  1. Hi C You would be wise to pick up with phone and talk directly with Vectorworks UK about obtaining a Vectorworks licence that you can use and make sure it's upgradeable and suitable for your computer hardware. £1000 for a licence you can't upgrade seems very over priced. Your local distributor can help you with technical questions. Regards Marilyn
  2. Hi C, Just so you are aware, as this licence is a Vectorworks 2015 licence, it will not be upgradeable, to any current version. You also need to ensure that Maria is not keeping a current licence, that's been upgraded from this earlier version, as then she's not permitted to sell the older licence. It will pay to confirm this Maria. Cheers Marilyn
  3. Contact the sales team at Vectorworks Inc...... Good luck! Cheers Marilyn
  4. Joseph can you please confirm these instructions will work for Vectorworks 2019? Is there also an updated set of instructions for the G/Network Protection 2019 software was well? The last instructions I have were, and this link goes no where now: http://kbase.vectorworks.net/questions/1340/Site+Protection+Server Many thanks Marilyn
  5. Contact the New Zealand Distributors for a vs 11.5 install DVD. While you may need to pay a small fee for it, it will save the head banging! Contact them through their web site: www.megabits.co.nz
  6. So David & Pepsi-Cola - this means you don't value your time!? A comment about price is an example of not understanding value for money.. What is your time worth? If you invest $100 in yourself or your education and it increases your income or just saves you 1 hour, you get a huge pay back very quickly. I'm sure as a designer you want more dollars for your work than less. Manuals are an important investment and should really be charged at $1000 - not the tiny amount paid for the work the author gets, so that you can be more productive :-) I don't write manuals - although I have in the past and it irks me that people don't value them as they should. MacBookPro 4GbRAM Vectorworks Designer 2009


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