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  1. Thankyou. I had completely forgotten about the ~user folder. There they were. Sorted.
  2. Hi I have a number of older drawing templates which I want to remove from the template folder in the library, however when I go into the folder ~library/default/templates there only the files relating to Architect/Spotlight/landmark etc. When I create a new template I can see the above plus all my old files.When I create a new drawing, all of the old templates are there to choose from but I want to get rid of the older files. How can I do this if the Finder cannot see them. I have used the 'show hidden files' command ie CMD/Shft/. which shows some hidden files in the parent folder but not the ~library/default/templates. Any ideas?
  3. @Kevin McAllister Thanks for the advice (& drawing) I've exploded what you have done to see how you've done it. Saved me loads of time. Thankyou.
  4. Hello. I am trying to create the curved rump of a Gozney Roccbox Pizza Oven. I have tried numerous online tutorials for what I think will do the job but have failed so far. I have created different arcs forming a 90º section around a single point but have not been able to create a single skin to wrap around this. Can anybody guide me thru the basics of how to create a curved surface in 3D? Thanks RoccboxV1.vwx
  5. I have a client who requires room elevations for services and 1st fix info. I am not yet ready to do this in 3d but have a number of supplier symbols which are in 3d and 2d. what I need to do is to take the elements from a front view of the 3d symbol and apply it in a 2d elevation where I have mixed symbols. Is this possible? I suppose what I am looking to do is 'flatten' a 3d symbol back to 2d Any guidance appreciated.
  6. What is the best way to insert a symbol created by a 3rd party when the view of that symbol is different i.e I am planning in Top/Plan View and the symbol has been drawn in Front View. How can I change that symbol so that every time that I use it, it will be inserted in my plan view as against the originators intention of the main view being from the front? For example. I have a symbol which shows the front of an object but this is listed as the Plan/Top View. When I drop this symbol into a plan it shows the wrong view of that symbol when what i want to see as the top view is in fact the symbols back view. (does this make sense? ;-)) Thanks
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