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  1. I adjusted the size of navigation pallet, made it wider and solved the problem. Bigger target.
  2. That did it, thanks. That was something new in 2020 that kept me from wanting to use it. Another thing I didn't like is the navigation palate, it seems the target to mouse over and click is smaller and takes a couple of clicks to turn on and off layers. Anybody else having problems with It?
  3. How can I show walls in low detail but show windows and doors in high detail? The window and door low detail is way to simple for a drawing but in 2020 I haven't found a setting to adjust this. Thanks
  4. My imports were around 3.280 to 1 to large. And after doing scale objects/symmetric by distance (using known tile size) it looks very close. Even the z values that converted to contours matched the site.
  5. Just worked on two lidar imports over weekend and was able to scale them. On our Tennessee USGS web site they have data listed by county. Each county had a tile index pdf to help you find the file. I downloaded the file I needed and imported into VW. It was not to scale. I was able to rescale to the original tile size which was 7000' x 4000'(not sure if this is a standard). Then I can isolate points, delete the rest. Create site model with around 30% of points. Seems to be close to scale, and gives me a good site model to work with.
  6. Can you do this with a copy and paste?
  7. I would like my room dimensions to show width first and length second, but mine shows larger number first then smaller number. Is there a setting for this?
  8. Thank you Wes, I love all the detail that you put in the model. I haven't starting using slab and roof styles yet, but have a better understanding now.
  9. I remember reading that you might be working on a sample residential model. As a residential builder, I use VW mainly for takeoffs and I will model every job we do to help in detailing and any changes for change orders. We never work with flat roofs or concrete floors other than garage slabs, so it would be helpful to see a sample closer to my workflow.
  10. Thanks JimW, I think I know what to do now. This is my first time to upgrade yearly. I went from minicad 6 to architect 10 to 2009 to 2015. First time without a disk and only a download, so I suspected a bad download.
  11. I downloaded 2016 when it became available, but still using 2015 till I get more comfortable. Came across this alert and not sure what to do.
  12. I was able to open with IE, after it asked to open blocked content. I have not figured out how to load certificates in chrome yet, but that should solve the problems.
  13. Did not find a PDF manual. The help files were browser based. Is it possible they are not supporting 2009 anymore?
  14. I'm using 2009 VW, and have not been able to use the help files for quite awhile. All I get is blank screen. Tried with chrome and firefox. Need some help finding help. Thanks


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