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  1. Hi Jim: I've noticed that is not in the library of VW, the symbols of residential furniture, beds, etc.. Check on download content and note that I had not downloaded the Architecture, Interior and MEP Objects library, proceeded to download and does not install. Can you help me with this please? Thanks and regards
  2. Hi alls friends: Installing the new VW 2014,on my laptp MacBook Pro , I lose some VW 2010 preferences on system and I had to reinstall VW 2010. After, some ago time I upgrade to Mavericks 10.9. Actually, I reinstalled twice VW 2010 ( for works with others stations and profesionals)and I could not get that VW 2010 run.: Opening,the dialog starting openings,charge alls components, them suddenly Crash!! and show reports to bring to Apple, by close unexpected. Someone could help with this case? VW 2010 do not run under Mavericks 10.9? Tip : In a second MacPro I have one prefence named: net.nemetscheck.vectorworks.plist.lockfile, that is not place on preferences folder in the laptop. May be this file in necessary? Please I?ll apreciatte your comments for help. MacBook Pro OS X 10.9 Mavericks 2.8 GB Ghz Intel core i7 8 GB 1067 MHz DDR3 Thanks a lot, regards Armando
  3. Excelent !!!!! Wes it works!!!! I just push 2 on numeric pad keyboard a n can see the front view even the layer be refenced to coordenates. Thanks a lot regards Armando
  4. Hi Wes: Interesting, let me check... and test it. Thanks
  5. Hi alls: Normally,when we work a new file (page origin center 0 x-z on rules/guides VW) and draw any object extruded, we can see it in views ortogonal pressing the number key pad in the same window fit to screen If I need to work above a layer imported ( land or site city where the proyect will be place),and the file imported has coordenates, the draw places refernced on that coordenates vs screen VWorks.Them,I move the page to that place coordenates in order to fit to window and see alls views ( front Rigth Iso, Etc.) The problem is: Once done or extruded the model,If I want to see front ( 2 key number pad)of the model, dranw on the layer,goes far away (go to 0-0 origin page default), and it can?t be wached in the same origin screen where the imported file land( with coordenates ) was placed,even the page origin moved. Someone,please c?d explain how to set the draw origin to a layer with coordenates, and that I could see the model 3D on fit to window ?...and that file DO NOT lose the coordenates? I?ll apreciate your help.....Thanks a lot Armando
  6. Hi JimK: If I understood, I have RenderWorks properly working and the others modules.The problem is why do not install the folder entourage if I instaled all the packages as the instruction ? Thanks again
  7. Hi JimW...I ?ve Designer and renderworks...in the screen about VW shows: designer adn renderworks.Even I see the folders on the library, but not entourage folder Thanks
  8. Hi Jim, thanks for the reply: The distributor is Macro Enter Corp, Miami
  9. Thanks for the reply, Jim , Juan: During the install VW the resources files opened as a step of the installation,I Donwloaded all the resources ( each individually),and followed the steps ( drag and drop ) on the screen?s Vw. Just the entourage miscel object do not was installed. I can see on the library folder alls of it, but not the entourage objects. There is explanation for this ? Do I need to reinstall VW? Regards
  10. Hi Alls friends: I recently install VW 2014 Desing and I can?t access to the " entourage misc objects" like vehicles. The VW do not install it. Why?. I?d install all the alternative library during the first installation and there is no vehicules objects. C?d some one helps with this please? Best Regards Armando
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