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  1. I've tried out the new split tool and don't like it as much as command T. One of the useful aspects of command T was you easily could position the "cutting line" exactly where you want it before cutting. Split doesn't have the same accuracy. Also, if you miss the split start, you can end up splitting a wall longitudinally. Who needs that? Catherine Chang
  2. I have a similiar issue with missing 'command' T- except when I try editing my workspace to include command T, I get a message: The following items are no longer part of Vectorworks: Export Quickdraw 3D... Trim Rendering Needless to say, command T will not work afterwards. Is this the same issue as Mr. Seibert's message or a different problem? Also, the trim tool will not trim walls. Is there a way to trim walls? Thank You, Catherine Chang
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