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  1. Thanks Miguel, It is a starting point. I want to use all the P, G and J Uniclass tables (perhaps to much work, but I want to be prepared for detail drawings, and schedules) I have discovered a nice plug-in called Merge Organizations, that helped me exporting my actual classe structure into a txt file, so I now can use my excel tables, and load them back to VW via this plug in. Thanks
  2. I am in the process of moving a Uniclass file structure (Excel worksheet) into VW2011. How can I accomplish this task without having to key in all the thousands of classes again into VW? If the answer is the use of the "Class and Layer Mapping", can someone please explain me how to use this tool: I create and save a set of new Proposed Classes, and VW just saves as a blank TXT file........ How can I use the new Proposed Classes?? Thanks
  3. ....BIM is a reality , and VW2009-2010 is not taking it seriously. I still can?t have a decent way of defining all the layers that are part of walls, floors and ceilings. I need a worksheet to measure a wall, and I still can?t define a way to measure it by the interior perimeter. I still can?t do a solar/shadow impact study during a typical day. I still don?t have a decent interface dealing with IFC classification system. I still don?t have a decent interface dealing with floors and ceilings. ("Decent interface" is a window, where I can define all aspects that define in a realistic way, this basic building elements that define a space.) VectorWorks2008-2009-2010 are still improved versions of 1986 MiniCAD. I?ll pass 2010 Santiago Ribas Arquitectura Bioclim?tica Porto
  4. Hi all, Would like to know if it?s possible to obtain the glazing area of a plug-in window or door object on the worksheet. (For walls we have direct formulas net wall area) I am using vectorworks for our local thermal code results. Thanks in advance Santiago


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