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  1. Hi Art - The external display is attahed directly to the system via the HDMI port on the laptop. I only use the dock to connect keyboard, mouse, and network. When I run FurMark GPU test under the same setup I get this result below fully utilizing the Quadro properly. It's just that VWX does not. Also, shown below is my NVidia setup. thx, David
  2. Hi. I realize this post is old, but still no solve. I've tried all these suggestions. Performance remains the same. When I run FurMark GPU Test the system properly utilizes the M1200 card fully. In the graph screenshot in my original post the GPU1 runs full blast, GPU goes quiet when testing with FurMark. VWX does not do this ever and performance suffers. Any other suggestions?
  3. I'm on a DELL Precision 5520 Workstation laptop connected to a Thunderbolt Dock with 2 - 1920 x 180 displays. NVidia Quadro M1200 and Intel HD Graphics 630. Regardless of the fact that I have the settings for VWX in the NVidia control panel set to only use the Quadro card, the system insists on using the Intel card. As a result performance is AWFUL. Anyone have any suggestions? See attached screenshot of performance monitor and system specs. All drivers are up to date. Dell have been no help. Diagnostics on teh Quadro show no issues. System "healthy" Thanks!


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