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  1. Interesting points by the OP's on adding an option for a finishes components. The other CAD program most definatley, must be Archicad, with its cad image addon: This package is what I wish VW Architect was.. everything about it was very well thought out for the Architect.. If you have time check out the video's on youtube for their Revision system, and issue management system, its so good. I've developed in-office plugins/scripts to mimic some of that functionality, together with the auto-claddings. But I wish vectorworks developed these natively as they are so essential for architects. https://www.youtube.com/user/CadimageTools/videos This is not a promo for another CAD software by the way! I enjoy Vectorworks alot, this is just me saying, there's room for improvement.
  2. Just double checking, is your version of Vectorworks, 2010, as per your signature? Also check the max elevation / min elevation in your Site Model settings
  3. Updated version to @Pat Stanford's one, written in Python though, so make sure the interpreter Language is set to Python: import vs def classes_name_list(createOrder=0): """ createOrder=0, no sorting, list sorted based on class creation order createOrder=1, sorted Alphabetically """ classes_total = vs.ClassNum() classNameList = [] for x in range(classes_total): classNameList.append(vs.ClassList(x + 1)) if createOrder == 0: return classNameList elif createOrder == 1: classNameList.sort(key=lambda x: x.lower()) return classNameList date = vs.Date(2,1) classes = classes_name_list(1) # swap parameter for sorting in alphabetical order or order classes were created ws_handle = vs.CreateWS("Class List in Docuemnt: {}".format(date),len(classes)+2,2) for i, class_ in enumerate(classes): vs.SetWSCellFormulaN(ws_handle, i+1, 1, i+1, 1, class_) vs.ShowWS(ws_handle,True)
  4. @Christiaan, also, is there a site modifier boundary object, encompassing the modifer? I think its called Grade Limits now.
  5. interesting concept. The ease of access too is needed. Think SketchupWarehouse or BIMObject.com..
  6. would you mind posting the example/test file?
  7. Symbols!.. Man I wish I would've thought've this. Sometimes the solution is so simple. We created a custom plugin that can be updated globally. Still not tied to stories automatically though.. Just thinking, the Symbol route is the faster/easier method. Also.. this is long overdue..
  8. from the DevWiki: http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:SetDescriptionText
  9. This has been happening three times now today.. Are there ways to figure out what the problem is of saving..?
  10. Hmm, I dont think vectorworks supports Ruby script. Did you see this mentioned anywhere in promo materials or something? As far as I know, Vectorworks scripting is in C++(SDK), Python and Vectorscript.
  11. @JimW, that form of summary is exactly whats needed! Cheers Tui
  12. This happened to us as well, in 2016. As @Ion described, that was the culprit for us aswell. We now make sure all dimensions are not auto-associated or associated. Dimension constraints lose their associativeness when you cut and paste-in-place, either the object its tied to, or the dimension itself. It was a real pain, as moving walls on the design layer would move the dimensions and vice-versa. I can see the appeal for this workflow, and its usefullness, but it just didnt suit our workflow, where we would do drawing checks on the sheet(manually) eye-lining dimension lines, and if they didnt match up, we'd know something had changed. This proved difficult, when the walls were moved ever so slightly on design layers, moved the dimensions in the annotation space aswell.
  13. That's strange, @John_in_NZ its there in my out-of-the-box workspace. I'm on the Architect version though. Anyhow, onto how to adding a command: How to add the 'Show All' command to workspace. 1. Edit the current workspace: Tools > Workspaces > Edit Current Workspace.. 2. Under the Menus tab, expand the 'All Menus' branch. 3. Now you'll want to scroll down this list until you find the 'Show Objects' command. 4. You'll then drag this item across to the right hand side. Prior to that, expand the 'Document Context (right click on document)' branch in that tree. (As you can see, this chunk lists all the commands you can run when you right click on an empty space in a sheet or design layer). Once thats set, press ok to save your workspace; you can now hide and show objects as you wish. As I said before, this has actually been removed from our office's workspace as people found it too confusing, as you don't have an option to un-hide specific objects. You can use a script, but that's a hard sell as well in our office. So we've taken the 'Class Everything Properly' route to control the visibility of things. @Andy Broomell, I have no idea when this was added, or if its in International versions or not. It has been in the AU/NZ workspace since 2014 I think. Hope this helps. Cheers, Tui
  14. This a common problem. Funny it's not mentioned more. I've removed the Hide command from our Office workspace. The fix is to add "Show Objects" to your workspace, if it isn't already there. (Normally if you right-click in an empty spot in the document, the "Show Objects" command is listed). Will dig up the Workspace that ships with the initial install(we have our own custom workspace), and post screenshots of doing this (editing workspace), if you need to. cheers, Tui
  15. Well, I had to google linting and linter to try and understand this question. It seems it has something to do with code analysis? Code structure and fidelity? In either case, I use PyCharm Community Version. https://www.jetbrains.com/pycharm/ I add as the Project Interpreter, the python version from the one included with the Vectorworks version. For windows, its in: "C:\Program Files\Vectorworks 2018\Python35\python.exe" (This way all external library installs can be directly done through Pycharm, very robust) And last, add the vs.py file from the DevWiki site, to the Project Directory root folder. And everything works like a charm(no pun intended), with code correction, auto-completion, code hints, etc.
  16. Yes, please combine, thanks for the feedback @Gadzooks. This is the root i have taken as well. Although I need the functionality in a larger script I'm putting together. Have had to create a dummy worksheet and pre-load(script) the formula into a cell and grab the resulting value and carry on with the overall code run. Had there been API for Curtain wall panel/Frame area retrieval that would solve my problem. For now, this will do. Cheers, Tui
  17. Yes, was my findings as well. Really need script functionality for this. Have resorted to Scripting a cell creation in a temp worksheet, just to get his info out, was necessary on this 6 storey apartment, with 3 towers 😪.
  18. CORRECTION! See thread below
  19. Looks like the NNA_TIfcCurtainWall record just carrys id info, nothing to do with Glazing. I did find what I was looking for using the worksheet functions: CurtWallPnlAreaGross(criteria, class) CurtWallPnlAreaNet(criteria, class) I had no idea these existed!? Can these be retrieved in a script?
  20. Yes, you can assign classes, but there is no way to retrieve this for area calculation. Well no way I've found.
  21. Strange I'm not sure how to see this Wall Record you are mentioning. I did pull up a list of hidden records and see a NNA_TIfcCurtainWall record. Will dig deeper. I don't have a file showing glazing area, and running a criteria with all, and checking object types of every retrieved object, returns nothing. Will keep investigating. Cheers, Tui
  22. Cross posting from Troubleshooting: "Greetings all, Does anyone know how to get glazing areas from a curtain wall object? And a harder question, how would we query only the glazing (minus the spandrel area)? Possible/Not Possible?"
  23. Thanks for the reply Pat. Yes I can see the issue with security and running random scripts. Also agree with your enhancement request, to allow only a particular script. As running a recalculate on any worksheet, seems to trigger recalcs in every other worksheet, regardless if they're open or not. Cheers, Tui
  24. When adding scripts to worksheets, there is a dialog box that pops up every time saying would you like to block or execute scripts in this worksheet? Question: Can we somehow block or execute this option, through a script?
  25. Greetings all, Does anyone know how to get glazing areas from a curtain wall object? And a harder question, how would we query only the glazing (minus the spandrel area)? Possible/Not Possible?
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