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  1. This is crazy! Trying to use the structural member tool in a real world project and just realised we can't show labels on the drawing! Oh the promise.. 2 years ago. Surely this is a simple thing that doesnt need to be wishlisted!? Maybe release it for a SP? Anyone else using the structural member tool to an advantage?
  2. ahh mark beat me to it.. 🙂 We use Lumion. But Twinmotion 2019 is similar, and also available on Mac
  3. @herbieherb; you may be correct. We've been having trouble with our computer network since we upgraded some of our computers network cards to 10Gb and others remaining on 1Gb. The network server was upgraded to 10gb. And the switch is 1Gb still. So we are suspecting these might be the causes..
  4. Sorry for the late one, below is our refresh and then commit times for comparison. This is a six story building with 3 wings/towers. Separated files for plans and details. Working file sizes - 1Gb, Project File size - 400mb We had experienced slower commit times in 2017. Just updated the project to 2018 to make use of the multi-vew viewport feature, which is a major game changer for a project this size. Refresh time : 50seconds Save and Commit : 1minute What was being updated: Structural members for whole of level 5 (floor beams/roof beams/columns/etc) Pluses for 2018 Project Sharing: - less crashes than 2017 (relative term here) Minuses: - connection/link to master file drops sometimes. Solution is to save working file. Restart vectorworks, and then open the saved working file again, and we see the connection is restored. This is by turning on the project sharing options icon, we can see highlighted objects we have checked out. - terribly slow calculations for worksheets. This could be due to scripts used in the worksheet + the size of the project. SaveCommitt_test.mp4
  5. No I meant, I'm trying to import a module from a script inside the VWX file.
  6. Sorry for the late reply. Currently not possible with my tests
  7. Thanks for sharing @Matt Panzer. Your one's a bit different to the one I was talking about. Attached here (install as previously instructed by Matt in the previous post). It has a couple of useful parameters, shown in the video. If anyone knows the dbelfm@sonic.net developer, please post his name here so he can be credited accordingly. BreakerTool.mp4 I can't remember where I got it from, i think it was from the time the VectorDepot was up and running. Was a great place to see plugins by other people. Vectorworks really needs one for their 3rd party plugins. We actually need one like Sketchups Extension Warehouse. I mean the infrastructure is there isnt it? We've set one up for Marionette albeit it's through the forum. Would it be too much to set one up for the actual program? At the moment the library files in the Resource Browser are updated from an online repository, would be great if there was a system inside vectorworks where you could browse Vectorworks' official plugins and third party plugins and install them from some online repository (an official one). Making it easier to deploy plugins and encourage 3rd party developers to develop. Breaker_v1.vso
  8. There was a plugin a while back from dbelfm@sonic.net called Breaker v1, That had this functionality. Will try and hunt it down. As the website where it was held is non functional, can I share it here @Jim Wilson? Its an open source plugin I believe, but it isn't my plugin.
  9. Hi Julian, Nice list! A1 - our file sizes are similar but we dont experience the problem of save and commit times - we keep everything in one file (sheets/model elements); just a seperate DETAILS file (project shared as well, but in no intelligent way connect to the PLANS file, ie workgroup referencing) - save and commit times have improved with 2018 SP4; what used to take 5mins now takes 1min - We also dont have an issue with releasing a single element as you described. Releasing a wall its very quick. It doesnt do a full save and commit the master file when we do this. A2 - Section viewports are slow A3 - Same experience; terribly slow Good post; I shall upvote!
  10. Chiming in from the lower southern hemisphere: We started with project sharing the year it got released, 2016. Our experiences since then have been mostly the same as with everyone else, including; - crashes during commit, - commit reports as succeeded but opening the master file the next day shows no commits; - having to resave a master file every so often (a single project went through 4 master file re-saves during a 6 month period) These being said; we wouldnt have completed projects fast enough WITHOUT project sharing. We've managed to split our tasks to floor plan draftees; detail draftees and designers. So we need all 3 groups working at the same time on any project. We're quite a small office with the type of projects we're taking on, but the project sharing has allowed us to keep the tight-knit numbers and push out the projects. I'd add also our network server had to be upgraded from a 1gb to a 10gb switch to handle the network traffic of 5 people saving and committing multiple projects at the same time (projects' file sizes ranging from 600Mb to 1.5Gbmax); After the upgrade we have not experienced any crashes during save and commit (this is from 2017 SP4 onwards; 2018 is the most stable release so far); So I think the network infrastructure plays a big role. We tried onedrive for remote access, but it was way too slow. Any cloud solution failed actually (tried dropbox and google drive); meaning there would conflicts with file names etc. So they work for us now; after multiple headaches.. its been smooth sailing for us for a year now.
  11. Thanks for this initiative VW( @Jim Wilson). Agree with everything already said. I'd add +100 to the LOD comment. That would be awesome to able to start with a basic stair and the ability to built upon that later(parametrically) if needed.
  12. The marketing videos though this year, are MUCH closer to reality than in previous release videos (looking at you 2017..)
  13. Maybe use the Curtain Wall functionality?
  14. As the title suggests, is this possible? If so, what is the syntax?
  15. Yep, complicated is one word to describe it.. We're using a combination of saved views, saved publish sets and a bit of scripting to manage the writing to the Issue and Revision parameters of each VAATB. And scripting for the worksheet drawing register..
  16. Well I guess that makes sense.. Our project is a bit different.. - We're staging a 3 tower, 6 storey apartment complex in 8 stages (Foundation/SuperStructure/Portion1-Internals/Portion1-Facade/Portion2-Internals/Portion2-Facade/..etc); - We've set our file structure to keep all PLANS/ELEVATIONS/SECTIONS in a single project sharing file and another DETAILS only file. - This is because of the nature of the project, there are still design changes happening post-tender.. headache I know. So we've actually had have 10 titleblocks per Sheet, having each Issue and Revision tracked per sheet - Each TB classed per StAGE - as there are some cross-overlaps for sheets between stages; which was working in 2017, but we wanted to upgrade to test the multipane, and possibly new TB features. The VAA Titleblocks allow us to have Issue's on per Sheet basis, so will stick with this for now and maybe switchover to 2019 if the features improve. Thanks for the input though @Nikolay Zhelyazkov
  17. @Aspect_Design, these are my findings as well. I understand different firms treat issues differently, I just wish there was a proper walkthrough of the workflow that Vectorworks "wants" and then we can tweak it from there. At current the text help topics on this are really hard to follow. And the VW youtube channel for this topic has only 3 videos! A playlist like Archicad has on this topic has 46 videos on the workflow. We need something like this @Jim Wilson for our(vectorworks') revision system. I'm going through our help docs now to try and figure it out..
  18. Yes saw that, but how come the latest issue is 11, when there are only 2 issues for this sheet? (as shown in the screen shot). As with the VAA TB, we could specify a sheet to have it’s own issue journal.. Maybe this is not possible with the 2018 TB
  19. Greetings all, What are the actual guidelines for using Issues and Revisions? Is there a workflow tutorial somewhere for how to go about this? It's much different than the VAA Titleblocks I'm used to. I'm trying to wrap my head around the new native Titleblock in 2018. In the VAA Titleblocks, an Issue was per Sheet, the latest issue would show the latest issue for this sheet. But for the new VW titleblock, the latest issue shows the last issue for the entire file. Am I reading this wrong?
  20. twk

    wall bound

    Check that none of the walls' components are storey-aware
  21. For those trying to do this with the WinDoor, you need to set the 3D line style for Dir. Arrows to a dashed line. (under Pens and Colours, in the WinDoor Settings dialog). This converts that line style to a 3D poly version of that Dash definition. Found it through trial-and-error. Can't remember it being documented anywhere. Original wishlist is still needed though for general 3D line work. Cheers, Tui
  22. Nope, When a class override is set to use a pattern, it returns 3. fill_style = vs.GetVPClOvrdFillStyle(vp.viewport_handle,class_name) However, it was returning negative index values for either a Hatch/Tile/Image/Gradient, using vs.Index2Name(-fill_style), returned the name of the resource, then using vs.GetTypeN(vs.GetObject(vs.GetName))), returned the type of resource. whew, what a mission.. but it works, Thanks for the input Josh. -- CORRECTION 0 - None 1 - Solid (Back) 2 - Solid (Fore) 3 and above - Indexes of the Patterns anything below 0 (negatives) use vs.Index2Name with negative mod applied. cheers, Tui
  23. Trying to figure out how to interpret values derived from this function: fill_style = vs.GetVPClOvrdFillStyle(viewport_handle, class_name) Description says it returns the fill style of that class that has been overridden in the viewport. However whenever I set the class override to a Hatch, it returns a negative index value. Changing the hatch, returns a different negative index value; Tried using the Index2Name function to try and retrieve the hatch name being applied, but it returns nothing. Does anyone know how to convert these return values to the name of the hatch. By the way, from my testings return values are: 1 = Solid Fill 0 = No Fill 3 = Pattern Cheers, Tui
  24. It'll be because you are calling GetPt(pX,pY) before creating the rectangle.
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